There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, September 29


And I love it! My most favoritist day of the week. But I have a question, maybe I should research before I post this blog. Why is the work week structured so that (traditionally) Monday starts our work week and Friday ends it? I am sure there is some traditional answer for this question. And I know there are many that have work weeks that start on Thursdays and end on Monday or Tuesday.

Personally? I would like to work when there is work, and if there isn't, let me go home and do some work there. I never seem to have enough time to straighten up my house, keep it in order... oh well.

Happy Weekends all! My plans? There is a Kid-fest going on at the airport, I bet the little man would love to see that. Plus there is free kid opera on Sat. afternoon! Tonight? A walk downtown, and maybe a load of laundry! It's probably going to be the last weekend to be able to sit on the beach in my swimsuit, so thats included at some point. And the movie Open Season starts this weekend! I love animation. Guess I am just a big kid! Movie time!

Okay Bloggers. Be well. Make memories. Enjoy Life - Its pretty much the best thing around. ;-)


  1. I love Fridays and the weekends!
    But this has been a pretty good week anyway.I love the Fall too. so much to do..It's great!
    Have fun!

    You're right...
    Life's too short..Make some Memories....

  2. TGIF Mel! Enjoy your weekend with the little man. Hope ya both have some fun!

  3. So do I make it four readers? That would be cool.

  4. steph - Have a great one!

    K. - maybe i will remember the camera this time.

    S. - Yea number four! guess that is your new nick around here! :lol: fellow piscean and artist...