There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, September 20

High School

I heard a story on the radio this morning and they were weighing out whether to go back to high school, or go to prison! Of course they all said prison, explaining the various reasons why they hated high school.

High School sucked. I wasn't the ugliest girl in the school, plus I was fairly intelligent. But if I had not been on the swim team, I would not have had any friends! I didnt like the attitudes, the fakes, nor the fact I had bigger tits than most of my class. An boy isn't that fun watching the guys talking to your chest all day. Morons.

I only learned a few things outside of my education there. Boys are self centered and immature, mostly. Good friends are people who like you as you are. And the sooner you get out of high school, the sooner you get to go to college. That's where all the real action is anyway!

Got any particular high school nightmare to share?


  1. Ooo! I was on the swim team too! But totally flat as a board. Anyway.

    My nightmare was when we moved mid-hs. We moved to the effing boonies where there was no swim team...hs or otherwise!

    The real real nightmare was jr. prom. I took a sophomore who's dad happened to be a teacher at the school. Well, this kid's older brother had recently died (suicide) and Brian was a mess. Needless to say he picked me up with a trunk full o'liquor. We hit the booze before we hit the dance. We were fall down drunk. Not like we were the only ones, mind you. Just the only ones that got made an example of. Yup. In-school suspension.

    I got called into the principal's office first. Brian and all of his lame friends assumed I had ratted him out. Of course I hadn't! Anyway. Sitting there & making it thru the rest of that year was pure hell. Guuh.

    I had one helluva hangover too...I learned that night the evils of everclear...

  2. Well, Highschool was fun for me, because I was involved with a rock band and choir and drama.. I got to play Rizzo in our Highschool production of
    I did have one experience. The guy that I liked was a senior and I was a sophomore. He asked me to the prom about 2 months before the prom.I was getting ready.. really excited about it, then closer to time, He got a girl pregnant, and he took her instead.. Well, He didn't get me pregnant.( we never did anything)... so I guess I'm I don't think I could have handled that at the time..

  3. *

    Sorry. I was looking at your boobs.

    I don't have a high school memory to share because it was all rather like looking at cardboard. Bland.

    However, I think that none of us know who we really are until we get out of school, get out into the world and really experience life the way it is for a few years. None of us really know who we truly are until we're about 30-35 years old, and then all our stupid baggage from our youth begins to drop from us, and we become that person we were destined to be.

    Most of us, anyway. The ME in High school wasn't who I really am. I am who I really am now.

  4. wow JJ. being made the heavy sucks too. stupid boys. having to blame someone for thier own mistakes. (note: i said boys, not men)

    Songbird: so a busy high school gal eh? I was in the band, and on the swim team, and involved in drama as well. but i still hated high school.

    cuz its like my cool bro said. you arent really yourself until you get out into the world and start experiencing what brings out the best in your life. How to cope with being an individual with out the safety net of parents and peers.

    thanks for the people who responded.

    i dont really have a high school nightmare. the whole experience was just a day to day struggle. except my sophmore english teacher. I would like to find that lady and give her a piece of my mind. what a conservative baptist controlling "inside the box in her mind" dweeb. sheez. oh and my typing teacher who hated me for no apparent reason! seriously. and how ironic that she became my driving instructor for drivers ed. giggles. I loved to piss her off. Passivist that i am. giggles.

  5. I have my 20th high school reunion next month! Am I really that old? Well, yes, yes I am. And I don't mind. I've done a lot of living and I have a lot of living left to do!