There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Sunday, September 17


Can't sleep at night and you wonder why
Maybe God is trying to tell you something
Crying all night long, something's gone wrong
Maybe God is trying to tell you something

Oh, you can't sleep at night and you sure wonder why
Maybe god is trying to tell you something

The Color Purple is one of my favorite movies. No matter how many times I have seen this film, the moments that make me weep, still make me weep. Watching the development of these characters has touched me from the first time I watched it. It reaffirms my feelings about hope.

When I watch it, I am reminded of a time in my life in which I realized hope as a tangible need. I was sitting in a room of strangers and someone who was thought to be late or missing had shown up. The speaker said, "How do you feel that "nameless" is finally here?" I raised my hand, and the microphone was there. I responded, "Hopefull." It was the first time I spoke it aloud, and was affirmed to the weight of this emotion. The speaker stopped and looked at me as if a light was turned on in his mind. He was changed. As I was, and also the entire room. This movie never ceases to deliver that message for me. No matter what adversity you are put up against, there is the hope you can and will overcome. It is the strength of your own hope and desires that bring the medicinal feedback at the moment your mind can realize it. Whatever that picture looks like for you.

Embrace your inner wisdom. Your hope will shine the light on someone who will benefit from its glow. I am living proof of this message. As are the people who have given me reassurance.



  1. Insightful and, well, hopefull.
    My first visit. Thank you for
    such thoughtful observations.

  2. The Color Purple was one of my fav's too! I didn't think anyone else in the world watched that movie!