There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, September 22

Weekend Cruise Director

So, being a mom is sort of like being a cruise director. You always have to plan the next "keep the little minds and hands busy" event. Sighs. I miss the leisurely days. Late Friday night bar time with friends. Sleeping in on Saturday, then running your mundane errands at a pace your hangover allows. Then comes Sunday.... ah. Wake up early, get outside for a while, work in your yard, or tend to the plants. Listen to Garrison Keiller. Maybe meet a friend for lunch... stroll in the park or the beach. Take a nap... try not to think about Monday. And let time go by without structure. Wait and see what comes up.

And Now?
Friday night: cooking dinner, cleaning up from dinner, cleaning up the mess the child has made with his dinner, play ball, take a bath, read a book three times, bedtime, clean up the toys, put up the dishes, talk to online friend... go to sleep too late. Wake up early... Library, park, lunch, nap MAYBE, laundry at the laundrymat, dinner with a friend, play ball or ride bike, bath, read book three times, etc.

I decided to throw a little something in the mix for this weekend though. We are going to a Dodgers game! Momma and a three year old, at Dodgers stadium in the cheap seats. So we can spend too much on hot dogs, soda and memorabilia! Oh well. I needed a diversion, so I am taking the show on the road. Maybe I can sell him in the parking lot... NAH!!!!!!!!!!! It wouldn't make up for what I have spent already! giggles. Besides, I am kind of attached to the little angel, since he looks so much like me!

GOOO DODGERS! (eeek. when did I become a sports fan) *adds to hectic schedule: make appt. for brain scan*


  1. Now, that sounds like a real treat! Enjoy!

  2. HAVE FUN!

    It may seem routine now, but someday you'll be looking back and knowing you made a difference in someone's life...a life you helped to create!

    (Love those ballpark hot dogs...)

  3. Oh What Fun!!!
    Have a wonderful time!

    (Take me out to the ballgame....lalalala la laaaaaaaaa:)