There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, October 6

Coffee Talk

Oh my. mmmmm mmmmm. :sniff: with a shot of caramel and some cream. Its a ritual not preformed on a daily basis. But Friday's at my office are slower. Most of the company, 80% of roughly 350 employees, work Mon-Thur. Its a great day to take my time, wake up, enjoy my twice a week cup of delightful "just the way I like it" coffee. Then slowly plow through what I have been putting off all week.

Weekend Plans? For me? You really want to know? Ok...
Visitor!!!!!!!! Yippee! The kind of visitor that makes me say, sigh. Now I can take deep breaths because you are HERE! So my weekend will be spent smiling. A lot!

What you guys got in store? Whatever it is, take photos. Bloggdom is the definition vicarious living! And we LIKE IT THAT WAY!



  1. I can't relate to the coffee thing because A. I don't like it, B. I think it's stinky. But I did just drink my morning Pepsi. MMMM...

    As for the weekend...I am going to start really, really packing. UGH! I may have some friends over for a big lasanga and I am going to play soccer. Oh, yeah, and there is a ton of hockey, baseball and football to watch, so I'll be busy!

    Have fun with your visitor!

  2. Sound Like a Dreamy Weekend! :winks:

    I hope you two have a Wonderful time...


  3. HD5~ most of the time i drink Tea. But some days, i need a boost. and i like the taste of coffee, just not the caffiene.

    Steph~ ah not so much dreamy as comfortable. and that "finally at home" feeling. you do the same sweety! send me some fall leaves... :wink:

  4. I have got...well...pretty much nothing in store for the weekend.

    Seriously. Absolutely nothing at all.

    If you want to live vicariously though that, be my guest, but I have to tell you...I would advise against it. ;)


  5. ok. then steve, you are limiting your boredom! seriously...

    get out that remote and surf... or go to YouTube, and realize, hey boring is good


  6. I like that photo:)
    Hope ya have a great weekend!
    I'm hitting a movie tonight and then...??? who knows what else. May be a walk?? Ohh how exciting,lol

  7. it sounds like your going to have a great weekend! I have nothing planned 'cept some time spent in the saddle and some time spent with my friend Jose Quervo...

    Have a Great Weekend!!

  8.! And good company.

    Savor and enjoy both!


  9. Getting some sleep! My happy self is worn out after getting up at 5am all week long *LOL*

  10. Ms.I ~ loved it too! Which movie did you see?

    BarnGoddess: your weekend sounds pretty exciting... been a long time since i have riden, but not so long since i spent time with Jose C. and his sidekicks, salt & lime.

    K~ miss you! :hugs:

    MS.1999- now thats a GREAT idea! :wink:

  11. I loooooove coffee! Taster's Choice instant. I love to watch it melt into the water.

    I need a digi camera in the worst way. Maybe I'll find one on ebay sometime. :)


  12. CYBER BRO! sighs. now i can breathe again. wanna see my toes? giggles


  13. Mmmm, coffee. For a while, I was stopping and buying a nice large cup on my way to school on the mornings I go over there. Then I realized that it made much more sense to just make it at home, have a cup here, and take a cup to go in one of my travel mugs.

    My weekend? Well I enjoyed finally sleeping in this morning, and tonight I have... a second date.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend and your visitor, Mellie Mel.

  14. I have my faithful can of Yuban, the best coffee I've ever had from a can. No visitors, no fun for me - I think I'll clean the living room and read.

  15. J: a SECOND date! :jump: okay good luck!

    B: i know many peeps that like Yuban coffee. and cleaning always picks up my spirit.

  16. Cybersis! Absolutely. Get out your camera honey!