There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, October 19

everybody smiles with a doughnut in thier hand

Along with the Starbucks we are treated to everyday, the company where I work provides us with doughnuts on Thursdays. Plus sacks and sacks of bagels. Everyone leaves the lunchroom with a smile on thier face on Thursday mornings. Carbo Thursdays I call them. Don't put your hand between an engineer and his morning doughnuts or you may lose it!

~~~ and on a different note...

Who knew! Jeffery would win Project Runway! And why was that snitty Laura all up in arms about his technique? sheeez. I though for sure Uli was going to take it, but I realized in my own mind, that he was the most innovative designer there. Right? And after seeing him talk about his life, and the changes he had made, I was kind of rooting for him... (is that the right word? rooting?) Well, now we have to wait for the next installment. thankfully Top Chef is going to take that time slot.

Any thoughts? Comments? Hazelnut Creamer? Cuz I am out. :wink:

edit: I have not forgotten you all! I have been WAYY too busy at work to catch up on blogs! will try to get to everyone by the weekend.


  1. a happy worker is a productive worker...if only all employers could accept this fact.

  2. [stomping up and down]


    Okay. I'm done.

  3. Ok, I love doughnuts. I admit it. When they closed the Krispy Kreme in Bristol, I literally cried about it. I wish I had a doughnut right now!

  4. LOL,I'll ship some creamer right out;p
    Ohhhh Thursdays at work sound like heaven and hell all rolled up in one little package.

  5. I WANTED MICHEAL to win.. but to be honest his designs for the show were not the best. I thought for sure Uli would get it and for some reason Jeffery pisses me off.

  6. Jeffrey's neck tattoos kind of weirded me out a little...but his big sunglasses were even worse.

  7. I'd work anywhere for any amount of money for free donuts. Ok, well almost anywhere!

  8. But Laura was RIGHT! He did cheat. He was over budget by $200+ AND the receipt that wasn't found. Now maybe that was just sloppy bookkeeping on his part. But with $100,000 on the line and a chance to realize his dream of showing at Fashion Week...either it was sloppy bookkeeping or he KNEW he was over budget.

    I smell something fishy...

  9. Goddess: So in agreement with you on most everything you say! :wink:

    cyberbro: they are looking for some techies here. come on down!

    miss 1999: i would cry too. Krispy Kremes rule. no matter what anyone says.

    ms I: thanks for the creamer. Its tough being down & out in Santa B. sniff sniff... youre the BEST!

    musings: yea. micheal didnt quite pull it off. He slacked! that was no excuse. i think its jeffery's arrogance that kind of pisses me off. but we only see what the producers let us see. fine line. :wink;

    allison: ROFLOL. yea. whats with the rhinestone glasses and the grundge get up? that boys schizo!

    header: you might like it here. but you would miss your snow days!

    edie: hello!!!!!!! :kiss: hey i don't know if he did or didn't but laura kind of nerves me. there is something about her that makes my eye twitch. and not in a good way! yea. he knew. wonder why he thought he was going to get away with it? but like i said. we only see what the producers want us to see. Who KNOWs what else took place there.

  10. Does everybody have the big carb crash later in the day too? Believe me, I love my carbs, but whenever there used to be food at work like that, we'd all fall into this lull later in the day as the energy rush wore off.