There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, October 16

Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy is the energy that a body possesses as a result of its motion. It is formally defined as the work needed to accelerate a body from rest to its current velocity. Having gained this energy during its acceleration, the body maintains this kinetic energy unless its speed changes. Negative work of the same magnitude would be required to return the body to a state of rest from that velocity.

So, once an object is in motion it stays in motion eh? I was lucky enough to put my camera on the table at the birthday party on Saturday night, and catch a body in motion. This little man has enough energy to power a small city. Does anyone else have a three year old? Whew! I get tired just thinking about corraling him.

He goes non-stop. And the interesting thing is I remember being that way when I was small. Go Go Go! and if my body was at rest my mind was going even faster. So we got him out of the house as much as possible this weekend. Saturday was playing catch, and running around outside, followed by the party which i stayed at until almost 11pm. Then Sunday, we watched cartoons, then...

He ran from exhibit to exhibit with all the adults strolling behind! it was a lovely afternoon, the animals were all very inactive, we got a great look at the gibbon monkeys. We took the little train ride that takes you behind the lion cages, and we got to see them both, the lion was up on his rock. The new penguin exhibit was cool! and when austin saw the fresh water manna rays, he freaked out thinking they were going to escape thier cages. Kids at the zoo are the greatest! We would go every weekend if I could afford it!

Wanna see the penguin picture? :lol: Enough home shots. OH.. And if you are EVER in Santa Barbara CA, you HAVE to go to the La Super Rica Taco shack on Milpas. And even if you have to wait, wait. YUMMMY! can you say leftovers for monday lunch? I KNEW that you could. :wink:


  1. Goodness! My girl's the same way. And she won't take naps anymore! She's got bags under her eyes, she goes non-stop... I even wrestled with her for a full half hour the other day and she still won't take a nap and STILL GOES NON-STOP!!!

    ~huff huff huff~

    This parent thing is kinda difficult!

  2. Cyberbro! sheesh. i totally hear ya! :hugs: for the parent.

  3. Don't you sometimes wish you still had the energy of a child?

    And yes, I have been to Supa Rica Taco many times -- even drove up just to go there!

  4. Aww,he's beautiful!
    We love the zoo too,even my 13 year old,lol

  5. YES! I have a three year old. I couldn't agree more. How they can fit so much in a twenty four hour period is beyond me. Does yours also talk non-stop? Mine never shuts up. To the point where at bedtime I actually have to tell him "OK, night honey, I love you. Time to stop talking now." :)

  6. Holy crap.

    We both did zoo related blogs today...

    creepy. ;)


  7. lol.. He's adorable, as usual...
    They seem to get into more stuff as they get older.. I just did a blog for mine..

    They are my treasure and I'd go thru Hell and High water for them....

    I need to take them to the zoo. We didn't go this year..
    But , we're going to the Pumpkin Patch soon..
    Glad all of you had fun....

    Yeah.. Would be nice to do that every weekend...

  8. Neil: oh yea. its gonna take a lot of ephedra for that wish to come true.

    Ms. I: thanks. yea i love to see the animals. but sometimes get a bit sad they are caged.

    Nonny: Congrats on being a mom! he has just started talking, and yea. its going to be the same way!

    Steve: oooo eerie. You think its because we are both artists from Texas?

    Musing: yea. i think i will keep him.

    Steph: go to the Zoo! and i am definitely going to do the pumpkin patch.

  9. what a cutie!! your little one is a handsome little fellow :)

    I have a toddler soon to be 3yo. OMG, if I had a 1/3 of his energy I would be happy.He goes non-stop and is busy (sometmes busy getting into stuff he isint supposed to be doing). I may some doctor prescribed speed to keep up w/ him if he doesnt slow down soon.

    The zoo is always fun. The Tulsa Zoo is about an hour away. They have a nice set up and a train, the train is always the highlight of our Zoo trips. Weve been 2X.

    I am planning a trip to the Okla Aquarium in a couple of weeks, my wee one LOVES fish! Does yours?

  10. Goddess: the interesting thing about the fish at the zoo is that they are behind glass, and he still doesnt quite grasp that they are incapable of getting out. like the rays... poor dear.

    yea. speed. that would make me a zombie by the end of the day when it was my time! :wink: