There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, October 4

Project Runway

Its my Favorite Show. I have watched this show religiously for three years. I love it. Don't miss marathons, or new episodes. Clothing design to me is fascinating. Its architecture for the body. Costuming, and so day to day life. We all wear clothes at some point during the day. :wink:

I aspired to be a clothing designer. Something I tried to accomplish in high school, but once i realized there would be pattern making, and "advanced" sewing involved, I relenquished to my inner lazy child. :giggles:

I moved my ambitions next into working as a chef. Something i still think i will accomplish before i die. Can't you see the neon? MEM's Diner? Kind of a surreal take on the blue plate. oh yea.

Now... ADD rant over. Project Runway. Does anyone else watch it? And who do you want to win? or is it just another waste of air space?


  1. I watched a couple of episodes a few weeks ago (when Vincent got booted off and a bit beyond), and I thought I was hooked, but I obviously wasn't, since I have spaced it lately.

    I do like Laura and Michael a lot. I think I want to smack Uli. And Tattooed-Neck Guy? Puh-leeze. ;-)

    It really is a fascinating show. Maybe next year I'll get into it from the beginning.

  2. I saw it once.. It was pretty interesting. I just haven't been watching TV much lately..

  3. I like it when I remember to watch it-ADD lol- I wanted to be a designer too!
    Now I can't wait to lose these last 55lbs so I can FIT into some decent clothes;p

  4. I am completely and totally ashamed to admit that I...Steven Novak....a completely Heterosexual man...does indeed watch Project Runway religiously...

    And I love it.

    And I hope Michael wins. ;)

    Now, keep in mind that the only other reality show I watch religiously is The Ultimate Fighter.

    Try and figure that one out! ;)


  5. Ali, yea. I like Micheal. I think that Susan is a tattle tale, Uli is from Miami. that explains everything. and tatto neck guy... heh.

    Steph~ watch more TV. :no:

    Ms.I - lets do that 50 together. I sure need it.

    Steve - Welcome! You sound like my kind of guy, always wants to look unique/stylish while kicking the crap out of the world. or maybe you are just a frustrated artist such as myself.

    yea. Michael prolly going to win the whole schebang, he's black, he's straight, and he is a great designer! Go MIKEY!

  6. You're on!
    I left a message for you in my comments,but I'll leave it here for ya too. Email me if you want to chat about my diet-it's complicated and probably too long to go into detail in the comments.I do like to go on:P

  7. MIcheal is going to win it all.. Hes great. This is one of my favs too, that and Greys Anatomy