There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, October 25

Random Me

I bought a Magic Eight Ball to put on my desk at work! Now all the mysteries of the world can be solved by the shiny black orb.

I love sunflower seeds on salad... LOVE THEM!!!!! sighs. yummy sunflower goodness on my rabbit food. Its heaven.

I killed a seagull this morning. I think it was a suicide attempt. The garbage he was eating in the middle of the road at a major intersection was tainted, and instead of a slow painful death, he flew up under my car... I heard him crunch. I couldn't avoid it because there were many vehicles. Surprisingly, I am not as torn up about this as I thought I would be. Thankfully he didn't suffer.

I need more creative people in my life. On a daily basis! Missing my friend Kat. yea she is seriously creative! I miss that random thought process and sharing of ideas. Bouncing theories off each other, and laughing till your sides ache. yea. miss that. also my work misses that. I have stagnated, or feel like I have. that bites major tofu weinies.

Southern California has the BEST weather I have ever lived in. Its FREAKIN heaven! The shit of it is you have to work so hard to afford to live here, you dont get to enjoy it nearly as much as you should. catch 22 in action.

What did I ever do before instant messaging? sighs. Daily therapy with friends is a good thing. And not to mention blogs :wink: can I get an amen from the congregation?

Trader Joes... sing it with me... Trader Joes! A treasure chest offering the unusual at moderate to low prices. I love that place. How did i possibly live without it up till now? They dont have them in Texas. I think that says a lot about Texas... don't you? (and no, whole foods doesn't compare - but i do love whole foods as well...)

I need some Peace and Quiet. no kid whining, no TV blaring, no neighbors rockin the brass bed... no hummingbirds fighting in the courtyard (look for a blog on that one this weekend) no body waking me up... just few days of peace and quiet. is that too much to ask? soon. very soon.

I like my coworker. He is an ADD freak like myself. We seem to get along fine! I dont understand californians, but I sure like them. Different and yet the same.

I cry at sappy movies, and sappy commercials. Sue me! I have feelings and I let them show. Its not a sign of weakness, its a sign that my heart is still inside my body intact. Not smooshed, and out of service. So don't sit next to me at a sappy love story if you are going to be embarrased. Consider that your warning.

Okay, Process that for now. More thoughts as the come to me. Hope your brain is filled with random flavors of your own sort. Mine seem kinda... HOoooo Hum.... but thats just me. :giggles:


  1. Ive heard Southern CA is a great place to live :)

  2. I am waiting for a Trader Joes to open near me. I only have another month to wait. I drive by a few times a week. I'm pathetic, I know.

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  4. godess: oh yea. its kind of surreal its so perfect... thankfully i lived in texas long enough to never take it for granted.

    JJ: well, its kinda how the mind works some days. ;-)

    mist: you will NOT be disappointed. i used to ride my bike past the house of the guy i liked four or five times a day, and he never knew i existed. kinda like that huh? At least one day you will be able to go in and receive the love in return. at a price though. giggles.

  5. I love the thought process here..
    I wish I could write about what's going on in my head, but then others may not understand..I just keep them to myself..
    Oh well..

    Good Blog..
    ***** hugs *****

  6. Wow! That was a lot to digest, but I like it! :0) First, I love the magic 8 ball. They're always fun. Sorry about the seagull. I guess he couldn't bring himself to call up ol' Dr. K (well, since he's in prison, I guess that's the only option he saw). He's flying high in a better place.

    I have a co-worker, too, with ADD, and love him, he's so night right!

  7. We don't have Trader Joe's in OH either. I don't think we have any places like that, or perhaps I just haven't looked hard enough.

    Sunflower seeds are very good and good for you.

    I cry at sappy movies/commercials too. More so commercials. Thank god they took those AT&T ads off, those use to get me everytime. I cry alot at kids movies. The Iron Giant gets me everytime.

  8. Yeah, catch 22 for sure. I briefly entertained the idea of moving out there...for maybe a heartbeat or two, but then I wouldn't be able to afford things like, food, clothes, rent, much less time to spend in the sun..sigh.

    I love magic 8 balls, I always think they have some link to the future;-)

  9. My ex-boyfriend of 4 years lives and lived in San Diego. I worked for an airline at the time, so I was there a lot. A lot, a lot. Honestly, too bad the AFBML and I weren't acruing frequent flier miles. I'd still have free tickets after all these years. Anyway, I loved SoCal. It always seemed kinda of like coming home to me. I've been there recently. It is MUCH more crowded than it was 13 years ago. MUCH more expensive. The long and short of it is that I will never make enough money to support myself in the style to which I have become accustommed. And, even if I did, I wouldn't move because of the hordes of people. HOWEVER, there is something about that place that makes my soul sing...

  10. steph: thanks! all you have to do really is to start typing. then edit later.

    Miss: magic eight balls never lie! :lol: poor bird... a drive by with Texas plates.

    nonny: glad to know there is at least two of us sapps.

    Lady B: you should have come anyway. the boys are beautiful. worth the extra $.

    Cindy: it is like coming home. even when I drive down south to LA to catch the Dodgers, i come back through Ventura, and my whole body relaxes. it is home...