There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, October 20


I started feeling melancholy this morning, remembering all the good times I had in Texas, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Chorpus Christi, Galveston, San Angelo, Menard, Lubbock... sighs. its a BIG place. Lots to do and see. And realizing it was the last weekend for the State Fair of Texas. Actually the first weekend is the best, cuz the corny dog grease is hot and fresh! You can NOT go to the state fair, and not have a corn dog. Nope! (they even have soy dogs I believe. :wink:) So after traveling all over that great state, (despite a few pesky politicians, BTW, I never voted for him or his daddy, I KNEW better!) I realized that there really are no others like them. Strange to say that. I never believed that people were all that different around the globe, and basically they aren't. But, Texans are a different breed.

My sister and I were discussing this yesterday, how much we both miss our Texas women friends. They are independant and strong. You can always count on them to be honest and loving. Even if it is at full volume, brutally honest and in your face, you most always know where you stand. There is a lot to be said for that kind of friendship. So no matter what I feel about the actual state of Texas, I miss my texas friends!

Texas weather sucks most of the year. They have hurricanes, flooding, and those hellacious summers that last from May to Oct. There are more than a few rednecks. They have the death penalty, mosquitos that carry off dogs, and flying cockroaches. It's got great thunderstorm activity. It also has produced some of the GREATest music and some of my favorite people in the world.

So Texas buddies, Howdy YA'LL! Come on out to SB and lets BBQ on the beach. Damn straight.

damn it looks like i missed Jerry Jeff Walker this year. and Cross Canadian Ragweed... oh well. there is always next year! *starts polishing her boots*


  1. You're always welcome for a visit "back home" anytime. :o) I've only been to Cali once but loved it and want to go back again sometime!

    Loving this Texas fall, cooler temps here at last. Was sick of running three fans in the bedroom just to keep from sweating. LOL

    Have a great weekend, Mel!

  2. My Mom lives in Houston and I have a lot of relatives and friends there. Since I grew up there, I call it my other home...It's like the commercial says "Texas is a whole nother country"....

  3. So funny to see someone say corny dogs. My brother and I call them that, no such thing as a corn dog. I took the pepsi challenge at the fair as a kid and of course picked pepsi. Memories, memories...

  4. Mel - I know what it feels like to miss Texan friends. I lived away for some stretch of time myself. I don't see that happening again in my lifetime, unless it includes a summer home in the mountains and a winter home in Texas.

    I love corny dogs. I ate a corny dog, a bag of cheetos and a scoop of Blue Bell mint chocolate chip icecream every day during my Senior year of High School.

    Texas woman are excellent friends, aren't they? I think it is the part of the year from May to Oct that really builds characters! ;-)

    Pretty sure we'd have a rousing political debate if we ever decided to go there.

    If you like CCR...give Stoney LaRue a listen if you haven't already.

    There is something wrong with Rednecks?

  5. every minute Ive ever spent in Texas was FUN!!

    I LOVE texas!!

    this X-Mas we are thinking about taking 4 days and sneaking away to the gulf w/ our boys on a roas trip.....any suggestions? were coming from N.CentralOklahoma.

    Once hubby and I drove all the way to Corpus, it was fun :)

  6. You know, I've never been to Texas, but have always wanted to visit :0) You can come down here to TN, we've got some pretty good BBQ :0)