There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, November 27

After Holiday Blues...

Its so hard to come back to work after a holiday weekend, isn't it!? I had a great Thanksgiving! I hope you all did too! So I am thankful for cousins that live in the canyons of malibu, and drive a porsche around those hills. Sighs. Its tough to come back to the semi-existant life after you see the rich at play! :lol:

Anyway... a short list of what I have to be thankful for.

• my kid ~ that repeats one sound over and over again until my aunt, who can't hear much anyway, says to him, if you say that one more time, I am going to come over there. (I said to her later, I was just letting him continue, cuz i wanted to see the old lady take down a three year old)

• my family ~ my cousin and his really cool wife have a great place up in the canyons of malibu, and are great hosts! Now that I have invaded once, I will invade again soon.

• my courage ~ to take my next to no money a** on a giant leap of faith moving to California in the first place! this month is the anniversary of my brass ball adventure! Yea me! (plus the courage it takes to be a single mom, and not kill yourself!)

• good health ~ for my family, and my friends! We are having a fairly good year on that count.

• my parents ~ without them, I would not be possible! nor would the grandson, or my brother or sister, or lots of great things they have provided.

• work ~ I like working, even when its a shitty job. Don't get me wrong there are days when I would rather be cleaning up the apartment, or sleeping rahter than sitting at this desk, but I am THANKFUL to have employment and great employment at that.

• this blog ~ gives me a community of fellow souls that have great imaginations, hearty senses of humor, and colorful insights. thanks for letting me share your lives.

And i would write a bluesy tune to go with the title, but I have a self evaluation to do for my job review... YIKES!

happy blissful after the holiday monday's to all that pass here. we can MAKE IT!


  1. Oh, the pecan pie in that previous post looks frickin' sinful sis!

    I'm thankful for you!


  2. So many things to be thankful for! I'm thankful for my job too and my dog and my friends. :)

  3. Happy one-year-California-move aniversary!!

  4. That picture cracks me up! Yep, getting back to work is awful! I have two deadlines staring at me in the face and i don't want to do them!!!
    Love your thankful list!!

  5. Ooh I love your list!
    Your son sounds like my daughter hee hee. Her thing is meows though..oh they can drive a person crazy!;p

  6. bro: thanks sweetie! ditto!

    karma: and thanks for you!

    lbug: its been a great year. I can only imagine its going to get better.

    cheryl: its how i feel! i have no desire to do anything but catch up on blogs.

    Ms. I: It was hilarious. I have become fairly oblivious to the noises, and forget when others are around that its annoying! BTW are you warm yet?

  7. Great list of thankful things. I wish I could grow the balls to find a new job.

    Coming back to work after that much time off is the most depressing thing ever! It makes mondays even worse!!

  8. Your list is great~so upbeat!

    Especially for a Monday. ;-)

  9. What a sweet, sentimental post. I'm thankful that you're so thankful.

  10. I would do my own self-evaluation, but I'm kind of biased.

  11. i did not see my name mentioned in that list

    and i brought you the sixty nine

    i also gave you the six point nine that is a sixty nine interrupted by a period

    i think you owe me

  12. nonny: just grab the kahunas and get out there! My one secret was desparation, and job training! shhhhh....

    Pissy: yea, kinda sickening huh? it all crashed last night when i had to build a toy shelf that the Gparents sent to the boy, and the pieces didn't quite fit!!!!!!! i love the hammer....

    LBB. Thanks for being thankful of my thankfullness. :hugz:

    mist: hell, its for a raise, and i bet you already have one written out, ready for action!

    satan: when 69 enters my life again, your name may be mentioned, until then, that is just torture. oh, and thank you for that!

  13. Its so hard to come back to work after a holiday weekend, isn't it!?

    Are you kidding?? It's hard for me to go back to work after I walk out of the building and get to my car only to discover that I forgot my briefcase.

    I usually can't go back.

  14. woohoo!! what a great list!!

    you are one smart and lucky woman :)

  15. Dan: that is sooo true! especially here in sunny So Cal. man, i am in heaven!

    Goddess: thanks sweety! ain't nuttin but the truth. :wink: