There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, November 17

The bees have it. the birds have it.

This poem was written for someone I thought was my friend. There was great poetry written during this time of my life. Check out dreamers kiss, if you like poetry. For some reason, in times of extreme, I have these poems that just fester, appearing to me in dreams. Coming to me in voices that seem to be outside of my body. In waves. All I have to do is get out the Thesauras and replace a few redundancies. And I am thankful.

This poem describes, to me, how chemistry is so important in a relationship. It flips on the glow light of your soul. It also presents a pure blissful agony associated with the beginning of a relationship. The seperation that pierces the balloon.

sighs. my friend, he is no longer in my life. as life goes on, so have we both. *goes to the yellow pages looking for a muse*.

Lets all have a weekend getting to know someone better. mmmmmmmeow!

The bees have it. the birds have it.

the body follows the scent of you
its longing takes its own directions
looking as it has not eaten for years
never been filled to satisfaction

i feel your body beside me in a dream
the warmth of its fur and energy
not moving towards me but with me.
learning its curves slowly with purpose.

i don't know if that dream will come
to my doorstep or in my window.
or if it will always remain outside
looking up as a lover in despair.

but like a fool i will chance its time
keep my candle burning in the window
calling your spirit to join me here
in a dance that has already bound us

i want to melt into you, feel that heat
intent on your turns and troubles
wanting to aleviate your concerns
make you smile for an hour or so.

and let you show me there is hope
for anything beautiful to be alive
inside each others souls for now
winding ourselves tighter in that net.

memsahib © 2005


  1. WOW! Strong stuff. Sorry he's gone, but I like your optimistic attitude for the weekend. GOOD LUCK!

  2. This poem describes, to me, how chemistry is so important in a relationship.

    I agree with that! I also commented on your colin Firth thread...

    ps..rat in a cage's avatar kinds freaks me out LOL

  3. Yeah, life is always moving. Nothing remains constant.

  4. wow... very well written, missy. You had me at Hello....

  5. So let me get this straight, you love your new job which is fun and interesting AND you can write poetry, not just poetry, but good poetry. I didn't think it was possible but I actually hate you more now ;)

    Have a great weekend buddy

  6. Mmm,I love this:)
    You're a great writer.

    Ps. I found my template at

  7. wow, good stuff.

    chemistry is essential.

  8. Woo hoo . . . is it hot in here, or what? (hee hee) I'll need to read this one to my DH later!

  9. I've written lots of poetry...but am not game at this point to share on the net, may never be. But I love what you are doing here, your writing goes straight to the heartnmind.

  10. How do you get the copyright symbol on your page? My keyboard doesn't have it.

  11. too bad you only thought the author was your friend. That's sad . Took a look around and you have a nice couple of blogs Mel! keep it up.

  12. rat: i am starting to like you, despite that breast obsession.

    nicole: thanks for noticing colin, I mean how could you miss it?

    cyberbro: as it is written, so shall it be! or sumpthin like that.

    slyde: so, you liked it... are you in Dallas yet?

    nonny: don't hate me. Like i said to Novak, I am NOT cool. I just look good on paper. :wink: happy weekend sweets!

    MsI: thanks. I wish i could write one a day like that one. and I think I will find a new template!

    goddess: i feel like i haven't talked to you all week. chemistry is second to phsyics... but its damn important in relationships.

    cheryl: oooo tell me what he thinks! thats kinda exciting!

    allison: dear. i am feeling honored by your words. I am on a MAC. its a simple command for my keyboard. I bet if you changed your font to symbol, you could find one. thanks for your affirmation.

    mayren: I am the author. My friend is the muse. And thank you so much for the confirmation of my work. Interesting that I do it for therapy, and it turns out being useful to others as well.

    you all have made me feel valid, and alive. Pat yourselves on the back and have A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!

  13. they don't have a Muse section in the phone book, silly. The Muses of America Association puts out their own directory.

    sweet verse, babe.

  14. so Frank, you got da number? I need one bad...

  15. That's beautiful! Very heartfelt.

    Have a good weekend!

  16. I don't know much about muses, but your poetry is beautiful. I hope your holidays are filled with joy and excitement..And that you enjoy your time off...**hugs**

    Now, It's back to planning the Turkey Day menu....

  17. What a beautiful poem- so full of raw emotion...

  18. I just felt that poem ... not that I understood what you feel, but actually felt it -- few poems can do that for me...

  19. What a wonderful poem!

    You have talent! :)

    Hope your weekend went well ;-)

  20. Steph: thanks sweets! I should try to continue writing, but this parenting thing kinda sucks the energy out of ya! :lol:

    You have wonderful holidays too, and... whats for Turkey dinner?

    sophie: hey chica! :hug: thanks...

    Miss: wow... yea. it really was.

    hairy! mmmmmmmmmm hey dear! :hug:

    Pissy: wow, you think? I will continue then. hope yours went well too!

  21. Very powerful stuff. I am impressed.


  22. steve: really? that means a lot coming from you! (seriously)


  23. please forgive the overused term WOW from me... I guess I am stuck in the sixties, cuz i like the word groovy too... :dramatic eye roll here: