There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, November 28


So, I am a little blue today. Just because I thought something was one way, but it turns out it is another. So... give me a minute to pep up a little, regroup, and establish a proper footing to hike through the bullshit I have surrounded myself with.

I hate being stupid, gullable and idealistic. It attracts the selfish and self centered. Maybe mine is a standard I shouldn't place on others.

okay, melanie, GET OVER IT!


  1. Color me blue too Melanie. Darn these holidays for having all the meaningless baggage that comes with what's really important.


  2. Well, if ya hate being stupid, gullible and idealistic...STOP!

    *hugs* lots of them to you, sistah.

  3. C: (((hug))) yea. holidays are part of it! I must say having a little one during the holidays is a true blessing. He is excited about everything! thanks.

    Loops: nothing I won't get over, or didn't see coming! pearls before swine!

    sistah C: yea. easy for you to say! I am trying really. But hell, life is boring without dreams. thanks for the hugs.

  4. Okay, you need to cheer up... It's still light and gorgeous in California.. Go out and enjoy the beach, the ocean.... It's raining here....blah!!!!!
    We were putting the Christmas lights around the house, and there are some that aren't working.. I have to wait until the hubby gets home to have him fix it..( That will be days..)

  5. Thanks Steph! sounds like you are busy. i have done the little tree, and it made me feel better. maybe some christmas shopping and some gift giving will help.

    its actually gotten colder here, which i am not complaining about, but the sun still shines, and the air is clear, and the mountains are beautiful at sunset, and the ocean waves are soothing. HOpe your hubby gets home soon to help.

  6. Awww....I'm sorry you're blue.

    People suck. :(

  7. We all have these days. It will pass.

  8. *Sends you a hug* I know it sucks feeling blue- keep your head up, it'll all get better in time *hugs*

  9. So sorry about the blue-ness.

    Good color, though. Gets a bad rap.

  10. Mist: thanks.

    Miss 1999: of course! hugs are so healing.

    Earl: agree on the color, but it just feels that way.

    Life: I am right now. its going to be a long few weeks. thanks for the hugs!

  11. Often what's needed on a day like this is to have the day end. Then a good night's sleep. The next day, things looks different.

  12. don't be blue, sexy...

    i STILL think you're one hot mama-jama...

  13. Sorry you're blue. I just went through one of those phases myself. People really do suck sometimes. :( Hugs!

  14. alison: yea. but i had miles to go last night before i could sleep. I almost took the day off, but had much to do at work.

    slyde: wow! really? (even though i use the word wow? i am a geek.) That made me feel soooo much better... :wink:

  15. if I did not have my 2 boys, I d pretend the Holidays did not exist...

  16. Goddess: yea. this one is not so much the holidays... but the holidsys do get me down a bit. Lets tough it out with a joke a day, huh? :hug:

  17. Pearls before swine was my mother's favorite expression. (Her name was Pearl.) Whoever has disappointed you is not worth it. Really. And even though you're feeling blue right now, this frees you up for something or someone better, whichever applies.

    We can't have the good without also experiencing the bad. I wish it were not so, and hope things get better soon.

  18. SUCKER!!!!

    (attempting to enforce theory of "laughter is the best medicine")

    I have been absorbing a sad dose of reality today so I think I'll be posting some macabre stuff to express my mood.

    Hang in there!