There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, November 15

Colin F.

I am not the kind of person to be fasinated by celebrities. Nor do i find them particularly attractive because of their work/status. When I encounter them in real life, its more like, would they have anything truly interesting to say about something but themselves? In fact, all through my teenage years, I have been attracted to unusual famous people. I admittedly had a huge crush on Billy Preston in high school, along with Dan Fogelburg. And Riff Raff from Rocky Horror Picture show, because of course it was Tim Rice. (I am an extremist.) I also have a strange attraction to Tim Roth. And of course, Noel Gallagher.

The last couple of years, there is something about this man that attracts my senses. I fear he is a horrible kisser though. I try not to think about that as it would shatter my romantic illusions. Feel like revealing your own!? Do TELL!

oh and I do have an un-natural attraction to Mr. J. Depp, but that is another day. This is Colin's. HA!


  1. Shakespeare in Love is a great film.

  2. I've always had a weird fascination with chicks who have weird fascinations, especially if they are in the arts.

    Speaking of which, I didn't know what you "AV" comment meant on my post. Help a poor math guy out.

    Jill Hennessey was always it for me, even in the short haired L&O days. Loved her for the past 10 years. She keeps getting better and better looking as well as crazier and crazier. I digthe nutty chicks. They are much more fun.

  3. I too have an unnatural affection for Mr. Depp. Since I was 12. But I also have the same for Kate Winslet. She's so lovely. :)

  4. Everyone has an unnatural attraction to Mr. Depp.

    He will learn to love me.

  5. You like the British accent I think. I also like a british accent. In that regard I've always liked Hugh Grant. Other actors I'm attracted to: Tobey McGuire (not just his Spiderman persona either)though he's much too young for me. Edward Norton and I have no idea why. And of course Johnny Depp-but who doesn't have the hots for him.

  6. he is HOT............whew

    does he have a British accent? a real one?

  7. i have never been to thrilled with this guy personally, but hey, to each his/her own....

    p.s. i saw below you said you tried to comment and couldnt. How come? I plan on lowering the login verification access later today, but i was wondering if you couldnt post because you didnt want to go thru the reg process, or something f-ed up...

  8. If I were into girls, I would totally dig Jill Hennesey. I love Crossing Jordan. Her twin sister lives in our town, too. I would faint if I met her. I would...
    I like Christopher Atkins. No one even knows who he is. Think Blue Lagoon, Dallas, The Pirate Movie, A night In Heaven......Oh yeah.....I've some sort of unnatural attraction to him since I was 12.

  9. MY wife likes that guy also...I don't get it...

    Especially that third pic...what the fuck? He looks like a failed 70's porn star.


  10. hey Bird: Fantastic, that one! Fiennes... hes kinda yummy too.

    Rat: You do? thanks for the warning!

    Karma: wow. You started early. was he still on 21 jump street then?

    Mist: seems the tribe has spoken. go for it princess.

    Nonny: I think its his smile. I dig an awesome soul bearing smile! but his accent doesnt hurt.

    Goddess: he is bona-fide! bloody well right!

    slyde: hey dude! glad you noticed, yea. if i have to login to one more site just to comment, i believe i will take my rifle to the top of... oh nevermind... (i have been reading though)

    Life: I love crossing jordan too! Oh yea. That was a long time ago! Has he done much since?

    Steve: agreed on the pic. everyone has to start somewhere i suppose. But you didn't share yours... fess up Novak!

  11. I'm with you, I'm not into those uberstar dudes who are plastic-surgery perfect. I like Colin F. and I like Tim Roth even more. But my big celebrity crush is Ewan McGregor.

    I also must admit I've had a couple sex dreams about Jeremy Piven. I'm not sure why. The receding hairline is a big turnoff, and I never thought much of him until I started having the dreams. Now for some reason he makes me feel tingly.

  12. ok, when you can, give my blog a shot again now.

    I lowered the security now, so you dont get an email asking you to click to activate your account and all that garbage. You STILL have to register the first time tho, but you just put in your username, PW, and that word verification thingy one time, and you can start posting right away.

    How's that? If i lower the security any lower, my blog goes free-form.

    I tried that once, and it was a horror show. I was getting about 20 posts a day for bestiality porn.

    I mean cmon! i have all the iguana porn i can watch already!

  13. loops: morning sweets. yea, jeremy is a hoot. that guy doesn't do anything for the "region" (bet he's losing sleep over that one) but he sure gets me giggling.

    slyde: what a guy! thanks for that. don't go free-form on your blog dude. (its bad enough in real life! :wink) Hm... I.P. are you watching National Geographic Channel again? *wanders over to check out slyde's addy*

  14. oh loops... ewan mcgregor... have you seen his full monty yet? yowza!

  15. Ooooooo Colin's a hotttttiiiiee!

    I only have one guilty pleasure celeb....nope...not telling...yet;-)

  16. Bug: Unfair!!!!!! oh well. *anxiously awaits*

  17. The warning may be too late.

    Also, that is me.

  18. rat: understood. is that an assisted breathing device?

    hope you are okay!

  19. BILLY PRESTON!!!???

    OMG! hahahahaha!

    Oh. You were serious.

  20. Of course! I saw Trainspotting. And Velvet Goldmine. And The Pillow Book, which was boring, but I watched it just for naked Ewan.

  21. All I can say is YUMMY!!!!!

    I have the hots for Joaquin Phoenix and Canadian Michael Buble!!!

    Check him out!!!