There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, November 10

Deal or no Deal?

So... Howie and 26 models dressed in halter dresses. And one MILLION dollars on the line. Three nights a week. Doesn't Howie look kinda cute all shaved and a little soul patch?

Are you watching this show? If you aren't , don't start. that's all I am gonna say about it!

:whispers: can't wait to see what the gamblin woman from Iowa is going to do on Monday. HA!


  1. No worries. Howie creeps me out big time.

  2. hey C. remember when he used to be that weird guy who made balloons from surgical gloves, and looked like a squirrel on acid?

    yea. He is not like that anymore. giggles.

  3. my 12 yo is addicted to this show :)

  4. i thought this show was cancelled already. :shrug:

  5. Ohhhh, no thanks. I'll just keep watching Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. You know... meaningful entertainment!

  6. I never watched it until I was stuck out of town in a hotel Thursday night & that wacky grandmother with the bucket of photos had me laughing my ass off. I think I turned on a commercial & forgot to go back though. Oh, well.

  7. In real life he is a real freak about not wanting to be touched either, and that grandmother hugged him a million times. He had to be freaking out.

  8. I SO love this show! I'm wanting to be on it!

  9. I watched it once. I think it would be more exciting if the models had the dollar amounts written on their chests ... now that would get the ratings! ;)

  10. ha ha..
    Have you watched that new one
    1 Versus 100??
    Yeah.. don't do it its WAY worse

  11. Yeah, never seen this. Don't understand the point of watching people decide which suitcase they want. But I don't watch a lot of t.v. in general.

  12. I avoid that show at all costs. What I don't need is one more television show to suck away the last of my soul.

  13. But the broads have nice tits. It's got that going for it. ;)


  14. I almost had a heart attack last week. I thought that girl would surely win $1000000.but she did good..

  15. Its Monday! tonight is the night.... for deal makers... giggles.

    goddess: its okay to admit you watch it. really. you are among friends.

    Hey Frank! :wink:

    Bro: hilarious. yea meaninfgul. that is
    why i watch TV.

    Hey Rat: she is back on tonight, and keep those facts coming! people who don't like to be touched have issues deeper than that!

    miss: lets go! i am ready to "deal or no deal"

    Dan: i think it would be interesting if they had it on their chests too, but..

    Musings: gee thanks! now i HAVE to look!

    Karma: its nice to know someone has a life. I sure don't.

    chicky: You must have been the smart one in your family.

    Steve: Ha! you and dan should get together and share some beers, and a tit fest.

    Steph: me too! but she sold out too soon. oh well!

  16. My husband FULLY applied to be on that show. Yesterday.

    I'm not kidding.

  17. s@bd: you have to tell me if he gets on the show! i also would like to be on the show!