There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, November 21


While living in Texas I only saw daddy long legged spiders. There were not many spiders in the house. But here in So Cal? Everywhere I turn I see another spider! Just so I can identify them, I am considering purchasing a Field Guide to Spiders. Or do some online research, Spiders of California. And here are some interesting links with photos... arachnid lovers!

I am not phobic about them. They don't really bother me too much except when I lay down to sleep, and start thinking. I think... the spiders may crawl up the comforter, you know, cuz the bed is so warm and cozy... EEEEEEKK. This type of thinking doesn't make for restful sleep. Oh well.

Can't you just feel it staring at you? saying... well, nothing! just waiting. and waiting. and waiting.


  1. Spiders aren't so bad. It's those crickets that are as big as my hand that I hate. Those and the scorpions...uggh!

  2. I hate spiders. Big time. They creep me out. I just learned how to keep them away....When you wipe down your walls, etc, put a little bit of citronella on the cloth...They hate it and will stay away.

  3. Who is that spider? What is his name? Ben (son) and I think he's weird! Where is he from? We have a number of deadly spiders here in Oz, the redback being one who lives around us. Of course, when you see one, they are really quite beautiful - fully black with a single bright red slash across the back.

  4. I don't mind spiders.

    Except when they are big enough to open fridge doors or steal your shoes.

    I hate when they do that.

  5. Eek.. That spider in the picture looks like beetlejuice!

    Now.. How can I go to sleep?


  6. I must admit, spiders arent my favorite of God's creatures.

    I'm not all girly-scared-in-the-pants over them, but I don't luv em either...

  7. That's why I have a cat. In Memphis the spiders (and all bugs for that matter) were huge!! Little Stormy had a blast hunting down bugs!

  8. ack! I HATE HATE spiders. I would rather face down a snake than a spider, anyday.

    In Oklahoma we have all kinds of spiders, some tarantulas Ive seen are HUGE...then we have the popular brown recluse and the black widows......those are 2 scary spiders.

    I am the local Orkin man's best customer around my area.

  9. god damn dude I fucking hate spiders. I live in Winton Woods so I get lot of them. Ever since I found on in pocket of my purse I've been feeling weirdly territorial. Like when a little spider made a web in the corner of my computer screen? "What are you doing there?! That's MY fucking monitor!" And today when I found one in the little rubber sheath where the power cord comes out of the iron? "Aw HELL no! I'm gonna git you, sucker!"