There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, November 16

This Job Rocks!

I don't even know if that phrase is still a valid, "cool" statement or not. But, it describes how I feel about my job. The people are amazing; Intelligent, witty, easy to get along with, free thinking, creators, from England, Germany, California, Texas, all over the place! The company makes Endoscopy equipment, light sources for the telescopes, and video recording/capturing of the procedures. I am not going to elaborate much more than that, for fear of losing you. This site explains the vet applications using our equipment.

We had our company meeting yesterday. Our company meetings are not slump in your chair, and drool trying to stay awake time. I was entertained! And rewarded.

First was the slide show with photoshop altered images of employees by my co-worker. heh! Then of course the business end, how the business was doing, with a few jokes thrown in! Amazing minds here.

Then, the founder of our division of the company talked to us about the new technologies the engineers were developing. It was amazing to watch (if you are a geek like me). Following that, one of the engineering departments did a skit showing the equipment in use, with a doctor (dr. hurts), a patient (that they actually did a pretend shaving on) and silent interns. And instead of a sedative IV it was a keg can of heinekin! heh!

The best news of all from the meeting? We are off for the Christmas Holidays! Two weeks! DaGUMMMMM!!!!!!!! I was tap dancing all the way to the car! (I had already planned on taking it off, but now, its paid for! righteous.)

This job is in the top five of things to be thankful for! Can I get an amen from the bobble heads? (I love that line).


  1. Sounds like your job has a lot of perks. It's hard to come by office jobs that don't suck the life outta ya.

  2. Yep, it sounds like your job definitely rocks!

  3. loops: thankfully i do graphics. can't really get too bored there.

    Rita: yea. first time since I worked at Neiman Marcus that i feel happy about what I do.

  4. nonny: dont set your lazers on me girl...

  5. OH MAN! THAT IS GREAT! I am so happy for you! You are the first person I've heard talk about their job who I think might have as cool a gig as me!

  6. I'm am SO Happy you love your job! It makes all the difference in the world when you like what you do!

  7. It is SO wonderful that you have a job you love!! That just makes the rest of your so much worthwhile-I don't know about you, but when I feel empowered by the work I'm doing, then the rest of my life really benefits from it! My mood, my marriage, my family, everything!
    And two weeks off for Christmas?--Hurray!!!!

  8. Cindy: Thanks! I surely hope its not just us...

    Miss: thanks sweety! you know it really does. its been a long time coming.

    Mist: me too. when the preview for cars came out, and Tow-Mater says Dagum... I laughed everytime. I am a geek.

    Cheryl: welcome! well spoken. its true that happiness flows out of the bowl onto the table of your life when your job is a good one.

  9. Oh, you're an artist? Rock on! I had a feeling we had a lot in common!

  10. First donuts and coffee, now this. Jeez!

  11. You have people at work who do skits? with beer?


  12. Hey Melanie, That's great news, you deserve a break that's paid for! Sheesh and a bonus on top. What ya gonna do on your hols? Huh huh?

  13. I'm so happy for you.. Time off for the holidays is such a blessing! Rock on!

  14. Having a job you love rocks! My job is the same way. :)

  15. you lucky duck! I am taking most of December off, but my company isnt paying for it!

  16. I'll tell you what phrase is NOT valid, or cool...


    And it never was. ;)


  17. Two weeks! Lucky! Enjoy:-)

    I actually know what endoscopy is, I'm researching about medical devices right, maybe I'm blogging right now, but I'm supposed to be researching.....

  18. loops: seriously. i knew it too! when are we meeting for beer?

    ali: giggles. your bobble head doll would have dimples! amen!

    header: yea. i'm guessing golden eggs at Easter. ;-)

    earl: it was an intrevinious feed too! ha!

    alison: going back to Texas...the kid needs to be with the g-parents. I may take a couple of day trips to austin adn or Dallas.

    steph: I hope so. Sometimes family functions make me more tired than working! LOL.

    karma: your name says it all.

    slyde: well, buddy, maybe you can figure out how to get around that non-payment issue. you going on safari?

    steve: I have ALWAYS been totally uncool. always.

    lbug: supposed to be working... yea me too! I am glad someone knew that. I find it amazing. Did you discover the company I work for yet?