There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, November 30

Time to pick up my guitar.

I miss listening to my fav station at work. If you haven't ever listened to RadioParadise, click the link on my sidebar. Great stuff. I can't even access the website to see the playlist. This really sucks. Truly. Its one of my lifelines, music is.

For now I have to listen to my I-Tunes. And I hate to keep listening to the same things over and over again! IE: I need new music suggestions! Currently in my changer is Steve Earl, Government Mule, Patty Griffin, new Bob Dylan, Nada Surf, Drive By Truckers, Sufjan Stephens, Black Keys, Old 97's (and more)... But I get bored easily, suggestions. I desire some new music. I am a voracious music person! And when I am going through a phase, music helps me through it. Something I haven't heard. Even if its local to you, give me the info! I like everything but rap. Oh and this NEW R&B... Give me old R&B everyday!

Thanks in advance for sharing your discoveries. Sighs. Expect some poetry this month, or song lyrics. :wink:


  1. Time to make your own music, sistah!

  2. The woman in that picture is quite good looking!

    But not as good looking as you girl. Get'r done.

  3. Music has kept me sane. (At least as sane as I am. It doesn't get any better for me.) I have always believed that there is music for every mood if you trouble to find it.

    Some of my never-fail standbys are Bob Marley, Etta James, Ella & Louie together, and anything by Vivaldi.

    Playing guitar (or any instrument) is a holy experience. It sounds as if the gods are telling you to make your own music if they've taken away your station.

    Great blog! I'll be back.

  4. Right now I'm loving Amy Winehouse, Bif Naked and Shiny Toy Guns. And always good are The Doors. :) Can't wait to read poetry/song lyrics!

  5. Ok, try 'The Clintons' a Montana band, they're pretty good!

    If you like punk, 'The pink spiders' are fun.

    Hmmm, let me think and I'll try to get back to you with some novel ideas.....

  6. Hmmm,how about Blue Rodeo?
    I second the Bif Naked suggestion
    Pantera is always good as is Buck Cherry and Oooh Rob Zombie too..

  7. I had never heard of that Stephens guy until recently.

    Like last week~recently.

    While I was in Atlanta my daughter and son-in-law played his cds alot b/c they had recently been his concert at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.

    ....and now here you are liking him too. ;-)

    as for new music...I tend to listen to old stuff just b/c that's what I like. I've been listening to lots of Stevie Wonder lately..."Original Musiquarium 1, Volume 1 and Volume 2" is fabulous.

    I also adore Steely Dan....all of their cds are great.

    and just to throw you off: Andrea Bocelli~ "Amore". Love. It.

  8. hmm, I haven't been keeping up with all the latest

    I played Sigur Ros at my yoga class tonight.

    I know some musicians. This is my friend:

    this is my other friend:

    I don't know these guys but I think they're pretty cool:

  9. Funny that you should mention music... I just posted about putting my iPod on shuffle and listing the first 40 tracks (with links). Maybe there's something there that might catch your interest, perhaps?

    I hear you on looking for new music. It's essential!

    Good luck in your search.

  10. I suggest some Monkees, a much more talented band then the Beatles ever were. I listen to them sometimes when I'm going on long road trips.

  11. on another note...

    do you REALLY play the guitar? that would make you even more perfect than you already are.... :)

  12. Have you listened to any "Scissor Sisters"? They're fun and retro.

  13. You have wonderful tastes. If you like the Old 97s, check out Rhett Miller's solo albums.

    In fact, check out anything I list here.

    Is that you in the photo? ;)

  14. I'd slit my wrists with the letter opener if I couldn't have music at work. No 2 ways about it.

  15. Eels, Sufjan Stevens, Iron and Wine, the Jerry Goldsmith theme from the Star Trek films...

    Okay...scratch that last one. ;)


  16. Cathy: It is sooooo true! I even have a new guitar to punish in the meantime! :wink:

    Bro: I love ya! HNT ~ sole brother, sole! :wink:

    Hearts: I saw Etta James play in Houston, when i was selling tickets for Rockefellers. you have good taste.

    KARMA! now there are bands I have not heard of. THANK YOU! you rock. period.

    LBug: how did you know I like punk music? (i had a self made mowhawk while in artschool that i periodically died black when i was in a bad girl mood... shhhhhhh) spiders it is!

    MsI: anything with Naked in the title is worth a try eh? :giggles:

    Steph: You have been on and on about her for a while now... She must be fabulous! thanks.

    PissY: Sufjan is an artist... and ecclectic... and not to hard on the eyes either! meow... I love Steely Dan, and Stevie W, oooo do you like the Elements? (Earth Wind and Fire? i have a blogger story about that one... later!)

    Loops: you always amaze me with info! You are a unique one. And that is a superb quality. *hug*

    mist: finally we have something in common! ;)

    Dirk: my ding-a-ling, my ding-a-ling, betcha wanna play with my ding-a-ling! (giggles. that will tell you how old I am!)

    Velvet: I love the word Velvet, and the material velvet... Off I go to read your post!

    Captain: I have a good friend that calls me captain... heh! the monkees eh? so i guess you like the who as well. let s hope so. like me eh? nice!

    slyde: everyone is damn near perfect in cyberworld, but.. yea I do have special talents IRL that could step it up some! *sexy smile here*

    Nonny: yea. I do. I like all kinds of music. the only thing that turned me off about them wast he "comfortably Numb" remake. That was just WRONG on all levels. other than that, "take you mama out" is an amazingly upbeat, can't stop singing it tune!

    Dan: done and doner. that Rhett is a HOTTIE! sighs... and thanks for the link! I shall be "checking you out"

    jj: no shit! good to see you back :hug:

    Steve: Iron & Wine are awesom. so is Jerry G. You REALLY should check out Radio Paradise. really.

    as should you all! they play a lot of the music on here, and much much more. Keep on suggesting, cuz we all like new music, right!?


  17. What really sucks is that Russia has just agreed to enforce copyright "law" and effectively shut down, which was selling music for 1/10 the price of i-tunes....

    this was a big World Trade Organization hassle, too.

    I think $1 for a song is still too much.

  18. matt: welcome! thanks for that info. yea a dollar is too much for a song. I go to the library usually to see what i can rake in there first. Then i bug my friends for trade offs!


  19. The Elements are my absolute faves!

    I'm listening to them right now! *LOL*

  20. Howlin' Wolf, Otis Rush, Willie Dixon, Black Stone Cherry, Tommy Castro, new Jerry Lee Lewis, Morcheeba, old bluesy Whitesnake, Nine Pound Hammer & all things Ozzy (Sunday is his 59th birthday).

  21. I recently (almost a year ago) got a guitar with plans to learn to play. I haven't. I think I need the structure of lessons and someone to be accountable to. And time, time would be nice. And it hurts my fingers. Seriously.

  22. ualNada Surf- Girl, I haven't thought about them in year! I love music- I listen to just about any and everything! :0)

  23. That's quite a compliment, thanks, tho I didn't think I gave much info :p