There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, November 7


It's the right of almost every man and woman over the age of 18 to vote. A privelege. Do you understand how powerful it CAN be? I have a friend that told me once, my vote won't count, so I don't vote. I think that is an ignorant statement. And, even though I don't have very much faith in our current system of voting, that is not going to stop me from trying. After watching a short documentary film on HBO the other night called Hacking Democracy, I have serious doubts about the voting machines. But what else do we have?

I was reading over my sample ballet this morning. Since this will be my first time to vote in California, I wanted to familiarize myself with the "lay of the land" (Actually I have been reading the general election book a bit too... GEEK!) As I was looking at this, I thought, since I don't know anything about some of these candidates, would I vote for them by name or career choices? I feel like I am at the Race Track, trying to pick a winner by description on a page only!

Anyway, Here are the Candidates for Govenor:
Phil Angelides ~ Treasurer of State of CA ~ Democrat
Arnold Schwartzenegger ~ Gov ~ Republican
Art Oliver ~ Engineer ~ Libertarian
Janice Jordan ~ Counselor ~ Peace & Freedom
Peter Miguel Camejo ~ Financial Advister ~ Green
Edward C. Noonan ~ Computer Shop Owner ~ American Independant

hm... I am inclined to vote for the Comp. Shop Owner here... But I do like the sound of Art Oliver... Nice name!

And even more interesting, the Lieutentant Governer Candidates:
Lynette Shaw ~ Caregiver/Musician ~ Libertarian
Jim King ~ Real Estate Broker ~ American Independant
Jon Garamendi ~ CA State Insurance Commissioner
Tom McClintock ~ CA State Senator ~ Republican
Donna J. Warren ~ Financial Manager/Author ~ Green
Stewart A. Aleander ~ Automobile Sales Consultant ~ Peace & Freedom

and on this list? I would be inclined to vote Libertarian or Green party. (I wish more people would steer away from the two main political groups, but have a feeling that is a long time coming. Maybe my son's generation.)

Oh, get this. In California, there is a proposition up for Vote, Prop. 86, to raise the taxes on cigarettes by $2.40 a pack! $2.40 YIKES! Do they not understand that the rich aren't big smokers? And that by raising the taxes on cigarettes all they are doing is promoting crime!? That tax money isn't going to help the non-sm0kers anymore than it might help control smoking in young people. Yea, you should read the propoganda on that one.

Sighs. In a perfect world, there would be no need for governing of the people. In MY perfect world, we would all respect each other as being different, and yet the same. And treat each other with kindness and dignity. Give when we can, take when it is offered. We are all cut from the same stuff, no matter what our life experience. We all need healthy food, clean water for drinking, and clean air in our lungs. Having those things shouldn't be better for some and worse for others. But that is MY idealistic dream.

Get out there and vote people. I could use so much propaganda here ie: "Many a good men died so you could have that privelage." Or, "If you don't vote, you have no one but yourself to blame when things are not as you like them." But that's below my fine readers! Sharpen your pencils/computer skills, and Just Vote! You know you want to... ;-)

edit: added note: back from voting, and this was on my ballot as a city issue.
Shall the city of SB adopt an ordinance mandating that the SB Police give State and Federal marijuana laws the lowest law enforcement priority possible?

like i had to think about that one more than one second... giggles.


  1. Done! Early voting rawks!!!

    That reminds's one from MTv back in the day..."Rock the Vote!" LOL (Are they still using that one?)

  2. I'm a firm believer in voting as well - I couldn't wait to get to legal age just so I could.

  3. Already did! I drove my roommate nuts as I read all the arguments for the bills to be passed and all the statements from all the candidates. It was interesting fun for me, painful for her!

  4. Wow. Great post. :) And more people definitely should branch off from the main two.

  5. I wish there were more viable parties too. Unfortunately it's a waste to vote for anyone who isn't an R or a D. This election all I'm worried about is ending the stranglehold the GOP has washington in.

  6. Make it easier on yourself. Become a permanent absentee voter! It's bliss!

  7. I voted and I did not even have to wait in line :)

    but then, I live in the middle of no where in Oklahoma............

  8. jj: civic duty~ check. Blissful new relationship ~ check! hugz. MTV... i was in college at that point, partying. didnt see much TV back then. :wink:

    darlene: me either!

    lbug: glad to know someone else is reading the opinions. kinda important if you ask me.

    Karma: Welcome! great name! yea. that two party thing is antiquated. but we are kind of stuck with it until more people water out the old school ways.

    loops: I think the only way to get them out there is to have as much money and power behind the alternate parties. Like that is going to happen. but i can always dream.

    Cyber Bro: yea. my voting location is two blocks from my house, and it took me 20 mins at lunch (and i had to do my ballot twice ~ had a change of mind moment!)

    Oh and for reference: the machines we used were Accu Vote. Wonder if they are tamper proof?

  9. goddess: my friend calls it fly-over country! :lol: glad you did.

  10. i think that my vote would be a lot more useful if my faith in the voting system didn't fall in the magic 8 ball category, lol.

  11. Great Post!
    I like you think Art Oliver has a gggreat name!
    I voted this morning & was pleased to see a great turn-out. Last night, I confessed to my DH that I voted third party several times in previous years, just to try to allow for the federal funding outside of the main two parties.
    I also, told him how working women were basically a party-less class of society. We break barriers of the traditional political mold.
    Again Great Post!

  12. k: funny that. I bought a magic eight ball to put on my desk about a month ago. (welcome!)

    Skinny: Amen on the working woman aspect. I mean, although we are the majority of the population, we are still considerded a minority. How DOES that work? ah. thanks for the affirmation. and good to see you here!

  13. I voted last week, before going on f*ckation.

  14. I wonder if Maria votes for her husband or not?????

    Just a

  15. C: it was a bad vaca? that is not good news. and hello sweet sis! HUGZZZZ

    Songbird: i bet she does. and more... giggles.

  16. When the Republicans win, the Democrats suspect things wrong with the voting machines.

    When the Democrats win, the Republicans suspect things wrong with the voting machines.

    Are you suspecting something wrong with them after last night's results? ;)

    I always suspect them because the Legalize Marijuana party never wins. Ever! ;)

  17. Hey Dan! Did you check out the link to hijacking democracy? I am not the sort to suspect anything of anyone until there is proof. a bonafide idealist. thats me.

    hell, it would be great if they would though. Maybe the tribes would relax a little bit more. Can't you see a session of congress after some brownies and coffee!?

    giggles. now there is a SNL skit waiting to happen.