There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, December 4

Gumbo Monday ~ Sans the Okra

A pot full of thought, and some random sarcasm to blend. no okra!

• I can't want it OR I can't like it. That is the phrase my son uses when he doesn't want to eat something. Or do something. Sounds about right to me.

• THIS IS FOR THE WOMEN, MEN BYPASS IT! ~ PEEERIODS!!!!!!!!! sheesh. Can you believe that Friday I used 4 overnight pads in four hours and was still standing? And I was not being a bitch at all? I challenge ANY man to this test.

• I HATE HATE HATE football! Did I mention how much I can't like it? well that's kind of a strong statement, but I would rather shave my nether region than watch it all day on Sunday, or Monday night! And, I still have a hard time sitting through the Super-Bowl. The season is too long, and its only four months! (maybe a left over feeeling from marching band days)

• Is it wrong to lie? yea. Seriously wrong. So why am I so tempted to do it so often!?

• How come I can't work 20 hours a week for the same amount of money they pay me to do 40? I already do all the work in 20 hours anyway! I am baffled at this concept. sighs. I need a home office.

• I HATE HATE HATE stupid drivers! I mean, its Monday, and I am not on top of things yet, but... seriously, maybe people should be required to refresh thier drivers liscence more than once every 10 years.

• Parenting is a B*tch! Discipline sucks. but the little buggers are sooo cute! and i think there is a reason for that.

• Most days I think about just making myself numb. I don't want to get out of bed, or see what is outside my apartment. But I do. I think its minor depression, the holidays do that to me.

• Someone hit my car, and drove away. Now my car is in the shop, and I have a rental. Funny how the person whose fault the wreck is, doesnt really have to do to much but agree when the insurance agent calls them to find out if it is thier fault. But no one was hurt, and my car gets a new bumper, and lights for christmas!

• Why does it seem that everything breaks down about the time Christmas rolls around? My car, my computer, my life... its a big mess right now. Not a horrible unrecoverable mess, but its not smooth. Ah. guess its always that way, but the Holidays seem to add a dose of "did i finish all my shopping" to it. And I am not looking forward to defending myself for two weeks while i visit my family. As much as I try to remain neutral, and not take things they say to me personally, after a week of it, i want to scream at someone! loudly and without censure. This time, I am going to take the baby on walks. Lots and Lots of walks.

• Sighs. So, when someone tells you that they love you, does that mean they do? Or does that mean they want to, and can only love in thier own way? Or... hell, what does love mean? I am tired of looking for that answer. I hope it finds me, cuz I am DONE looking. DONE!

If that isn't enough for you on a Monday, you got to get a life! kidding. Thanks for listening.I will be back tomorrow all sparkly and sunshiney again!

And thanks for the music suggestions. I am going to start making my list and filling it. Happy Maundays.


  1. I only like fried okra myself. :)

    Jeez! you do have a lot to deal with right now.... wish I could offer some words of wisdom, but I wouldn't even know where to begin.

    I can't like football either. ;-)

  2. Yeah, parenting is a bitch a whole bunch of the time. Some days they can seem like uncontrollable, thankless little buggers and then they'll say or do something that keeps you from throwing in the towel. If it weren't so, humans would have been history ages ago. ;)

  3. I saw it written somewhere to "never trust something that bleeds for 4 days and lives."

    Love that one.

    Periods suck. Period. *giggle*

  4. clarification: they had insurance, what i meant to say was, their car was okay and mine was not! that is all.

  5. Okay, so my pregnant wife gets sick saturday night, really sick.

    I sleep downstairs on the sofa so she can be sick and comfortable and I can get some sleep.

    Sunday morning, we're both tired, crusty and fussy.

    We argue, she heads off to her concert and I stay home to grouse because I really am trying to be a good husband and nothing seems to work....

    She falls and hurts her knee.

    She calls and I'm out for a thirty minute walk.

    The Browns are losing when I leave for the walk.

    When I get back, they have won a thriller in overtime.

    Wife comes home, we are still tired, fussy and tired; only now she's wounded.

    Sometimes life is a little yucky...

    But you wake up and realize how lucky you are that the loved one is still there. Football or not...

    And life seems pretty good.

  6. Like Dirk Star said...

    "But you wake up and realize how lucky you are that the loved one is still there. Football or not..."

    That's worth it all..
    Lots of hugs to that sweet precious baby boy...
    Things will get better and remember they could always be worse..
    I hope you get to enjoy the time off..
    If all else fails, drink a glass of wine at

  7. I have periods like that too. Boo to that!

    And BOO to football,I SO hate football. With a grand passion!

  8. Damn dude, I never have periods like that. I'm a jr lite tampon person.

    Football is lame. My husband hates it too, and for that I'm glad.

    Having people retake their driving test periodically is a good idea. I also think that people who fail the test more than once shouldn't be allowed to take it again for a year or something.

  9. Pissy: Okra is not good. fried or otherwise.

    Velvet: ah yea! i mean, there are times when i want to squeeze his little mouth shut! sighs. but then i think, nah!

    jj: sheeeeeeeezzzz. Yea! i could write a more detailed definition, but why?

    dirk: its monday dude! stop being so damn philisophical! :lol:

    Steph: i know. but its nice to heave a bunch of crap outta your mouth every once in a while to get back to that place. right? Hope you and the kids are gearing up for a great holiday too.

    MsI: Periods. I wonder why they use that word... meh. It should be called something else. will have to think about that.

    Loops: well, count your lucky stars.I am a dizzy mess by the end of the day. Husband hates it too!? does he have a brother? funny thing when I went to take my CA drivers test there were three people there, at least, retaking it! One woman was on her third and final time. I passed with only two missed my first time. Texas drivers may suck, but they do know the rules they are breaking! :giggles:

  10. Yeah, I never have periods like that. Not that you need to hear it right now.

    There is definitely a reason the offspring are so damn cute! It gets even better when they say precious things like "I can't want it."

  11. The holidays make EVERYONE crazy. Doesn't matter who they are.

    Hang in there, baby!

  12. Wow, how come this post makes me wanna sing "Love is in the air"?

    Ouch, periods sucks! But then again, we can get away with basically anything - just blame it on PMS!

    Btw, adoreble kid - I'm so gonna use those phrases!

  13. Football does suck-I too learned that from marching band. Don't listen to what your family says. What they say is not important so take the baby on lots of walks like you said. And scream if you need. If someone says they love you, it means they love you in their own way as best they can. It's kind of all they can do. It's all anyone can do really. And don't be numb. I know that feeling well. I'm just coming through a numb phase. That was a really good post by the way. :)

  14. Ugh, Okra is the worst!

    God invented beer for a reason - to be able to watch football/baseball for long periods of time;-)

    Sorry you're feeling down, I started making cookies and fudge to pack up and send to friends and family....somehow that has cheered me considerably!

    Stop looking, 'cos you know as soon as you do, it'll find you.