There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Saturday, January 27

Common Courtesy

I have a friend visiting. We decided to go to this place for lunch. its small. Not much room to sit down and eat. I can live with that. We decide that 15 mins isnt too long to wait, even though we have a toddler in tow.

As we stand there, growing more impatient, I notice a boy and his older woman date sitting to my right. beside them are two chairs in the corner, and one on the other side of them. Plenty of room for us if they would move down one foot. So i walk over with my kid and set my purse down on the counter, saying do you mind just scooting down a bit so we can have some lunch? Being courteous myself, and thinking why wouldn't he be accommodating to someone else who may want to eat in this crowded restaurant!? He looks at me like a deer in the headlights trying to think of a proper response. He says, well, there isn't any room over there. (Okay there is enough room to his right and left for TWO people!) I said, is that a yes or a no? He goes into some other dissertation about not enough room... I said, is that a yes or a no? He said, no. If I didn't have any manners at all I would have called him on it. "Didn't your mama teach you manners or courtesy? Or is this your mother sitting next to you? And if that is the case, I understand why you are a selfish moron!!" I didn't want my son to see me being an ass. Well, not that day anyway. :giggles:

ARGGGGGG!!!!! Fine. I can handle selfishness, its the way spoiled rich people lean in this town, but not before I let everyone know he was by saying is that a yes or a no... wink: Needless to say, about 10 minutes later I opted to leave, since 20 minutes waiting is too much for a toddler.

As we exit, this really cool older woman standing in line says, "Don't you hope he chokes a little on his crab!" Well, DUH! There was no news in the paper. Oh well, just karma down the line, and from my observation, he will have a long line of it waiting at some point.



  1. On the flip side, I find good manners to be! Mine are spotty at best but my husband was raised by a good southern mama. We went to our first home owner's association meeting at our new (quasi-retirement) neighborhood. Love watching him charm all the older women with his old-fashioned manners. Gets me tingly in all the right places - LOL!

  2. omg! how rude!! especially when you have a little one with you.

    My 13 yo would have said yes, and then made room in a gentlemans manner. I KNOW I have taught my son the right way to behave.

    I think this kid's mother needs some sense slapped into her.

    Some people!!!

  3. I wanna be friends with the cool lady in line,lol

  4. Someone should have slapped him long time

    I would have left too.. Some people just ooze rude!

  5. What you should have done was to split your party on both sides of him and then have a really loud conversation on assholes without any manners.

    Fuck him!

  6. ooooo i LIKE the way B.E. Earl thinks! that's a GOOD call. too bad i'm not quick enough to think of things like that in th e moment.

    i know exactly how you feel, by the way.

    some people's kids!!