There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, January 24

Oprah, Out of my Dreams!

So I am having this dream, and all of the sudden Oprah is there! This is the third time this year. (And we are not far into this year) Now considering she has a home within a 15 mile radius of me, that may not be too weird. But the weird thing is that she is always on my case!

So I have this dream I am working for a woman who is building a fabulous new house. Very New Mexico flavor, but still Mediterranean. (I really should have studied my math, and become an architect or interior decorator, this place was beautiful) It was cluttered etc, full of her stuff... I was there to house sit I think. It was on a river of some kind. Muddy water. I found myself in a boat going to check out the house, with a couple of friends of mine, and when we got to the house, Oprah was there! She and two of her nieces were spending the night! sighs. ( I have had a previous dream about Oprah's house on a stream that i visited, and her house looked colonial/shingled outside, with a victorian theme inside~as if!) So anyway, I felt like I was invading! And her nieces did also. I spent the night, and then my two friends left me there. took off in the canoe! Oprah has a shit-load of people in the next day. And all kinds of caterers, and decorating people show up to fix up this house. I asked her for a ride, because my canoe had set sail, she said I am not sure I can (bitch!) Then she sets me in front of a panel of various women to answer questions about myself. One was about my weight, one question was about why my friends left me, on and on etc. Then I started coughing and woke up.

WEIRD! really weird. I am still thinking about it. what does this mean? McDreamy? anyone?

I guess I need to go shopping at the Montecito Von's, or Trader Joe's and run into her. Can you imagine that conversation? Hey Oprah! Nice to meet you. Did you dream about me last week, because I dreamt about you. Stay OUT! yea. or maybe I should ask her does she need any house sitting done?


  1. Very weird dream! Maybe I should check and see if Oprah's in my dream translation book. ;)

  2. Very vivid dream -- sorry Oprah's on your case! ;-)

  3. yeah, stay away from oprah.

    i think she's probably not as pleasant in real life as she'd like us to believe.

    i think the dream means you're stressed out. ;)

  4. LOL I love wacky dreams like that!

  5. Maybe you've been meeting her on astral plane at night and she's psychically interviewing you for a cushy job.

    I have had some wacky dreams too. Once I dreamed that Tori Spelling tried to shoot herself, but missed and only took off one ear. It was kinda cool.

  6. I sitting here, trying to be normal for a minute( I'm ever normal)

    anyway, you may just need to drink a glass of wine before bed.
    But, hey ...sounds like a nice setting for a dream.... As far as her asking you all those questions, that's what she does..Does she ever answer any herself??


  7. karma: did you find anything?

    snowbug: seems she just wanted to divert my attention away from her!

    rebecca: you think? i wouldnt doubt it!

    MsI: no shit! there are so many details i left out, like they were hauling banana trees up the hill to plant them in this yard.

    Loops: astral plane, and a job with oprah. wonder what the perks are? I hate tori.. too bad she missed... LoL

    Steph: aw... sorry dear. HUGZZZZ yea. well, I wonder about that. Like do her boyfriends get the interogation deal? okay thinkin of ya!

  8. Don't you ever, and I mean ever, get in a canoe on muddy waters with Oprah.

    Got it?


  9. oprah? how scary! that would be a nightmare for me, yikes!

  10. Oprah scares me. She's the antichrist.

  11. Damn Oprah. She needs to stop her dreamvasions!

  12. You know, I've been having some crazy dreams lately too, luckily, none involving Oprah, though :0)

  13. i kind of have a lot of respect for oprah. but lately, it seems as if she's not as interested in much other than sensationalism on her show. not saying that she doesn't do good things for people and isn't generous. but she's sort of just lapping up celebrity, in my opinion.

    plus, her hands bug me. and that scares me.


    any more oprah dreams?