There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, February 26

Moneydays SUCK!

Money SUCKS!!!! It bites big nasty corpusley wankazoidal weiners. My daycare provider wants me to pay a full month for less than two weeks of work. :WAH!!!!:

And I still have to come up with a daycare alternative while she is on HER vacation. eyeroll: I am going to be paying twice the amount for daycare that I am paying now. I am ready for a new daycare. I have been working on it. we will see.

HELP!!!!!! and to top it off, I will NEVER be able to own property in Southern California. Or California anywhere. NEVER! tell me that isn't a stressful reality. :eyeroll:

Okay Monday rant over. Onto the Month of March, which is definitely going to be stressful.

oooo and a
Its just the beginning of a new era to your wonderful life. Enjoy.


  1. Oh man. I have always known I was blessed when it comes to day care. I sent him to Mom's Day out for a while, but my Grandmother kept him out of full-time day care. I really lucked out that way. Now I know it for sure.

    I used to date a man in San Diego. I was always astonished at the price of real estate there...and that was 10 years ago!

  2. You have to pay her while she's on vacation? That's bull. But I don't know much about daycare. Either way. Sounds like shite.

  3. wankazoidal?

    Is that, like...really big? Or something? ;)


  4. I'm ready for a utopian money-free society like they have in Star Trek.

    Added bonus: phasers!

  5. I had two in daycare from birth until last summer. He's 12 and she's 10 now..
    I know the pain in the butt that it is.. I was always envious of the ones that had Mom's and grandmom's to babysit for nothing.
    And then,I would hear them gripe about that... They don't know how good they've got it..
    Good Luck..
    Wish I could help......

  6. pssst. I have food. (and it's not bad for you)

  7. California is sooo expensive!

    Well, Monday's over now, yay!!!

  8. WHAT A RIPOFF! Are you sure you wouldn't be better off siting at home collecting welfare checks? ;)

  9. yea kids. i have decided that I am going to offer her a reduced rate at the beginning, and see what she takes. I am sure unhappy about the "laws" regarding childcare. But I do see the need for this woman to have a paid vacation. Just wish I wasn't the sorry sack who had to pay it.

    I have enlisted my brother for one week, and someone I am going to have to pay for the other. and taking one day off. :yes: