There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, February 12

Valentine's Day


I have been on the planet a considerable amount of time. I have had boyfriends over the years. Almost married once, but stepped back from that one. :whew: And in all this time, I have gotten a Valentine card from a lover MAYBE five times. Flowers once. chocolates, never. Last year I got dumped. See Promises Promises.

Sighs. Am I not the kind of woman that deserves these things? I always thought I was. And it surely isn't a deal breaker where a relationship is concerned, but puuuleeeez. Isn't showing your affection and love through tokens a wonderful thing? It makes you happy and the recipient happy. What have I done wrong in this lifetime? Geez. oh well.

Guess I will be buying myself a Huge bouquet on Wednesday. Or do you think I would prefer a single rose? meh. I am thinking... gigolo! yea. that would fill the bill. ;-)


  1. My Hubby almost never buys me a Valentine - of any kind. I know that it isn't the end of the world, but it bums me out.
    I don't mean a big gift, or a dozen roses or jewelry (although one year I did get a heart shaped ruby ring), just a sappy card and some candy.
    Maybe I'll buy myself some flowers, too.
    I'm sure that your Romeo is out there somewhere. When you fianlly find him, he'll make up for all of the Valentines that you didn't get. I know it.

  2. LOSLI: thanks for that! I appreciate your honesty and your vision of Romeo. I just want my someone to appreciate me enough to know that such a small gesture would mean the world to me.

    so far? appreciation is verbal only. And that can be mighty weak sometimes. :wink:

  3. Buy yourself roses. I am buying myself some. I am also planning on getting myself drunk and taking advantage of myself. Same old, same old.

  4. I hope you have a Nice Valentines Day,Melanie

    I'm going to watch a romantic movie and eat some chocolate.. maybe after a nice meal.. The kids will be at church...


  5. i got ya hooked up, sista....

    you are MY valentine, toes.....

  6. mist: yea. I seem to be a lot for "giving" after a few myself.

    Steph: thanks. You too. sounds like a good idea to me. But the likely scenario is having a dinner with a midget, a 3 year old midget! :giggles:

    slyde: you smooth talker you. :beso:

  7. I know how you feel. In my time I've recieved a necklace, once, from my then husband. That's it. Never flowers, never chocolate.

    My RM and I are going to buy ourselves extravagent valentines day cupcakes tomorrow for lunch;-)

  8. My advice: go with the gigolo.

    I'm struggling with what to do for my girl. She insists she hates Valentines Day, but it is our first together and I would hate to fuck it up. DAMMIT!!!

  9. Lbug: I would love to do that, but I am dieting as you know! Maybe I could find some diet candy. But now I have the flu, and nuttin sounds good.

    Be Earl: good thinking, you think he comes with a sister to watch the kid for a few hours? :sighs:
    What to do for a girl that doesn't celebrate Valentines Day. something Personal, like a poem you both like hand written, or something she told you she would love to have, but hasn't gotten it yet. and you know, a flower is always a romantic gesture. Unless she is alergic. :wink:

    good luck.

  10. Hey Earl: cook her a nice dinner, or pick up take out from your favorite place, and do a bubble bath with some champagne. :wink:

    don't forget the candles.

  11. Mel - She is working a double on Valentine's Day (life of a restaurant manager) so I picked up takeout from her favorite restaurant tonight. Bought a few bottles of her favorite bubbly (Flemish sour ale, not champagne) and generally took real good care of her.

    Tomorrow she will wake up to some jewelery that she has been eyeing, so she has that to look forward to.

    Plus the gushingly lovely stuff I wrote in the card.

    Ech, I'm gross!

  12. Happy V-Day! Go with the gigolo, it sounds like a plan. I've always been single on Valentine's but it's okay. My best guy friend sent me a monkey box with lots of goodies in it. :)

  13. Ive been married almost 17 years. I can count on 1 hand how many valentines my husband has given me...and not use up all my fingers either....