There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Saturday, March 31


I just don't fit in. Wait. Isn't that most days? And after trying to relate to a small portion of the planet, I feel like never opening my mouth again. Desiring to just let my images speak for themselves is enough. Thing is, I can't. I hate communication, but for some reason, I am designed to expound. I wish I was more eloquent, but life is as it is. And I keep refining.

The generalization? Either you sink or swim. And mostly lately, I feel like I am treading water. The scariest thing about my situation is I have a beautiful soul needing security. I fight everyday to make the money to keep him, and the sanity to raise him. Frakkkkk. I do fall short of many things I hope to make up to him this year.

Powers that unite us in spirit, release my fears so that I may follow the bold path you have bestowed me with. If I was incapable, I wouldn't be in this position, and yet i question. Allow us both to glean in the wisdom of your decision. Cuz, damn, were in a tight spot!


  1. You have wonderful friends and family that love you as you are.
    It's not as bas as it seems and Austin is one lucky little dude!
    Enjoy your weeend......

  2. i just noticed you wrote this at 4:45 am. no wonder!