There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, April 11


It doesn't come in a perfect shape or size.
It doesn't come with personalized instructions.
It comes at you like it is.

Appreciate its less than fine moments if you can.
They are just as important as the finer moments.
Without them, we have no balance.

I need more balance on the sleeping side though. I feel like the un-dead today. You know its bad when even coffee isn't making a dent.

I started a dream journal. do you know anyone else who does dream journaling? if so, leave me a footprint or a trail to follow. I am interested. thanks.


  1. I used to keep a dream journal. Keep a notepad and pen beside your bed, and if you wake up remembering a dream, immediately write it down. Over time it'll prime your mind to remember your dreams and it'll be easier to recall them even later. I began this practice in college and a few weeks' worth of work really paid off. After a while you'll begin to see the patterns in your dream imagery. Good luck!

  2. thanks my inspirational one. :huggs:

  3. I could soooo use an instruction book to my life, *sigh*

  4. you dreamed about me, didnt you? Fess up now....

  5. hey bug! sighs... yea. it would sure make hangover days a lot easier. and this parenting thing. :lol:

    slyde: hey sexy devil. You are just going to have to keep guessing!

  6. Sleep.. That's a great idea..

    Sweet Dreams

    Good Night..


  7. I tried to keep a dream journal for a while for my psychology class. She said we were supposed to keep the paper and pen right at the nightstand, and as soon as we sat up to start writing. I always wanted cofee first, but then I would forget the dreams details.
    Do you ever have any dreams that are so vivid and detailed that you can remember them for almost ever? I have had some that I can never forget even if I tried!

  8. My dreams are effing crazy!

    A dream journal would just document how nuts I am.

  9. how weird! Ive had 2 crazy dreams this week. I remeber them vividly too. Usually I dont remember.

    I hope you get rested....sleeplessness and being tired sucks.

    insomnia is NO FRIEND

  10. is it balance or harmony in our lives that we seek?

  11. So, so true...
    Love the idea of a dream journal. Cool!