There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, April 17


I went over to the YMCA last night to get in a walk, and let the kid play with some kids his own age. (little prayer here: please provide an opening for my child at this pre-school). I put on my comfy pants, and T, and hit the self propelled mat, Plugged into Nano land, and tuned out.

Now as in any good gym, they have televisions that you can watch while you are walking. (in my design vision, i would have made an entire wall of trees, and nature showing while you walk, and play a nature sound track... :giggles:) The televisions are in couples. Two on one end, two in the middle, two on the other end. I was in the middle, so a nice view of the middle couple. On one television was the story of the shootings at Virginia Tech and the other one had the Home Run Derby on ESPN. So I see the cops uniforms on the one side, and the baseball uniforms on the other. I thought how fucking ironic is that! Celebrating talent of home run hitters, and the rewarding sound of the bat cracking, next to the horror of some poor man who had no grasp of reality, and a loaded weapon. What did that sound make? Then I started thinking, and looking at the difference in the uniforms. Each was wearing a uniform necessary for his function. Then, as the rambling of an ADD mind goes on, I thought what kind of uniforms do we all wear?

The poor student who was off balance for whatever reason and went out to rid himself of whatever he perceived was torturing him. What uniform was he wearing at the time? Who did he see himself as? And policemen choose to wear their uniforms. They have a vision that is ingrained, trained and protective. But what kind of uniform do each of us wear?

A spiritual leader wears a uniform to enlighten us to our souls, in connection with a God of your choosing.

A salesman wears the uniform of a provider, a sometimes pushy self preserving provider, but none the less, he provides.

A teacher wears a uniform of learning. A uniform that changes colors as the need for learning changes.

An artist wears a uniform of reflection. Reflecting visions of what they see in a form of non verbal communication.

Do you wear a uniform? Or do you change uniforms as the moment insists? Being a mom, I wear many uniforms. I change during the day to keep up with the whirlwind sponge that lives with me.

Anyway, just a few thoughts I had while treading on the mill of life. :wink:


  1. I wear man uniforms...these days mostly the maid one, damn. This isnt what I signed up for.

  2. NOT MAN uniforms.......MANY

    I cannot type or spell today wtf wrong w/ me? gah!

  3. I HATE the maid uniform... unless of course there is foreplay and midplay involved... ahem. did I say that outloud?

  4. You DID!

    Uniforms can be sexy....

    I have some suits that I wear alot..With blazers..
    That's sort of a uniform

  5. My uniform consists of a baseball cap, and whatever it is that I am wearing that day. Very simple.

    By the way, per your last post, Gin is the way to go for Martinis...not Vodka.

    And that 23rd step from NY to Paris is a doozie. That's some serious Iron man shit.

  6. yep. only i call them hats. much easier to change as the significant moment calls for.

  7. thank you for leaving me a hug but that wasn't all you left a smile behind as well.........Thank you.

    Hugs, Zissy

  8. steph: blazers. sounds like something that is going to catch on fire, doesn't it? ooo then there would be firemen... yea! I think I will try a blazer. ;-)

    earl: baseball is a game requiring a cap. do you play? what position?

    rebecca: yea. but I don't look good in hats. :giggles: :hugs:

    Z: aw, you made me smile too! hugz.