There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, May 23

New Design

I wanted to put up a header of my pictures, then got into creating a new look. I don't know if I am happy about it, but here it is. I hope this new design inspires some more creative writing. I feel a bit like a dry well. All is going fine. Off to spend Memorial Day weekend with my parents that are visiting from Texas. It will be great to see the little man and his uncle playing. And to see him interact with G-ma and PawPaw. It's going to be staying on the diet that is going to be a killer. I have a total beer bash to go to on Saturday! and the g-parents have agreed to watch the baby! :yippeeeladooodahday:

So, leave me a note. Let me know what you think. Give me some feedback. Have a safe yet festive holiday weekend. I know I am. Pictures to follow.

or click on the photo link next week. I will have uploaded as we go! :wink:


  1. I like it! Rock on...I hope you have a safe and happy holiday weekend with your family. :o)

  2. great new look! I like it. I am very fond of the nun photo anyhow so you can imagine my glee upon seeing it in your header :)

    Have a super weekend, get drunk, stay safe, forget about life's stupid complications, enjoy your folks visiting.

    About the diet..cant help ya there, lord knows my fat ass hasnt been on a diet-ever!

    I used to just get more exercise the more I ate/drank...the last 3 years it hasnt worked like it has in the past, dammit.

  3. I dig the new look...especially the Beach Nuns/Bums in the header.

    But I'm not really a critic...I hate to judge folks.

  4. Thanks C! you too.

    Goddess: dieting is rough when its a holiday weekend, but every little bit helps. I am on a mission, but not a strict mission. :giggles:

    you have a good one too! Hope you get some riding in.

    Earl: I took that picture; saw the nuns walking out to look at the water, had to take a pic! and just for you sweet man, i have changed it back to marks.

  5. earl hates to judge people?

    since fucking when?

  6. It's all new and fabulous! I like it!

  7. Let me amend my previous statement:

    "I hate to judge folks...except for Slyde, of course. Gotta keep tabs on that kid."

  8. I fucking love it!!!!! How did you do it?? Every time i try to load a photo it's gigantic and takes me forever to resize it. Do tell.

  9. Looks nice, its the first time I've been to this blog of yours, I don't know how people get the time to maintain more than one blog! You're either very good at multitasking or you have tonnes of time on your hands.

    Oh btw I love listening to radio Paradise its always varied but its such a shame that they're gonna shut down all net radio stations, the net will be a poorer place for it.

  10. sis, thanks! :hug:

    kat: I measured the space that would create the perfect size for the blog, and created it in photoshop. I picked whatever template that would let me have nothing but picture, no border, and uploaded it. I found a tutorial on the blogger dashboard home page of my blogs. email me if you want other details. and THANKS!

    SLACKER! I don't blog everyday. That is how I can do more than one. And I am the ultimate multi-tasker.
    I have a good feeling about internet radio right now. I believe they are coming up with a new deal. Fingers crossed. Good to see you again world traveler!