There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, May 30

Phone Calls

You know? I love my phone. The ring tone is "I Dream of Jeannie". (I have always wanted to blink my eyes and make things happen.) But, I just don't make enough phone calls. The contract I have on my cell phone gives me an exorbitant amount time. I only use half! I called the company to reduce my rates (a friend of mine has put me on a budget - and I am HAPPY about that). They said, you could get half the minutes for what you are paying now. (seems I opted in at a great time for rates and would be a fool to let go of that amount now.) So people... I am making this a challenge to myself. I must find people that will call me, or I can call. I want to feel like I am getting the most out of my dollar that is flying into the pocket of the execs at T-Mobile.

anyone fancy a chat?

(and who has suggestions on a new style? this one is about to die... pouts.)


  1. my hubs loves his razor phone. I think it is too big and funky feeling for me. I also have a motorola (sp?) the one priced almost the same as hubs razor and I love it, I dont know the model tho...

    My 13 yo son is on my cell plan and niether of us ever comes close to using our minutes either. Since we have free calls to everyone who uses US Cellular, we never use any minutes because nearly everyone we know in Oklahoma has US cellular.

    The next phone I get when my plan is up in 1 year is going to have an MPS player...

  2. We've just gotten upgrades. My son has the LG500 (with MP) and I have the LG400 (with MP3). Both are camera phones..My daughter has the pink razor and my husband has the black razor W/bluetooth ear device. I have the ear device, but need to activate it.. He loves it, while he's on the road aoll the time.
    He and I are eligible for upgrades again in

    We don't have internet access, because that can get you in trouble quick on the billing..
    We have been satisfied with the minutes, but my husband calls me about 5 times a day and the kids call me about the same..
    we keep the towers hot..
    They offer some good deals sometime if you call in and order on the phone( with cingular(AT&T). I told them what the local store was offering and he told me he could beat that offer.

    Good Luck with the upgrade

    and I hope things are going good with your car..

  3. i love my razor phone, too. but...i hardly ever use it. i honestly am not a phone person. i'm hardly an online chat person, either. i really enjoy email...because you can send something and people can read it whenever they feel like it or have time. i can read it or not when i have time.

    phones just aren't me.

    BUT i hope that you get what you want and chat all you can!!