There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, May 29

So, I didn't

I didn't stay on my diet. I ate and drank quite a bit and had a glorious weekend. My parents came to visit. I took them to my favorite eating spots. We went sightseeing outside for at least a half day each day. They took care of the boy on Saturday so I could go to a crazy party thrown by a coworker. I am not glad to see them go, but happy to have my life back.

I hope someday we all have enough money so they can come and stay for a while. Hope you all had great weekends. And lots of pictures and memories to share.

I will tell some more interesting stories later from work. but for now? Don't you hate having to go back after a few days off?


  1. No one should be allowed to diet on holiday weekends. There should be a rule or something.

  2. I hate going back to work and it's hectic too, because two people are out for the east of the week..

    I like your new picture background.

  3. Diets during holidays are impossible. You need to really live, and indulge, every once in a while.

  4. long weekends never seem long to me.

    the only good thing is that there are only 4 days the next week, and BOOM another weekend.

    i'm glad you had fun with your family. you deserve it.

    screw the diet for a couple days. there are more important things.