There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, June 13

Angst.. NOT!

You know as you surf the blogosphere, you see a lot of angst. Lots. Like its "quaint" or original. Its kind of not. And to be honest? Its becoming a total bore to me. I am a lover. I love to love.

Now don't get me wrong... I am not a meshugina pollyanna about it. I know that there are boundaries (which i regularly jump over without abandon, much to the dismay of the less bold). I find that I have to prove that my love exists. Embrace it with every fiber of my being. Write about it. Paint about it. And not sexual love, the kind of love that warms your heart to know it exists. Kind. Passionate. Caring. Helping. Enlightening. Embracing. Forgiving. Opening. Flowing. Love.

Well, yea. Its not all happiness and light. Mostly its muddled and difficult. Full of twists and turns, bruises and burns. But when it all fits like the most beautiful mosaic glass window, with the light shining through for that brief moment in time, You capture its whole meaning. Its infinitive affect on what the world would look like if that was everyday. Overwhelming huh?

Worth every single drop of sweat you put into it. Stop beating the angst horse. We are all pissed off about war, abuse of power, wasted financial resources by our government, stupid people in front of us in lines, and selfish idiots that take shit that isn't theirs. Maybe I am just a star crossed lover, with no real sense of it all. Or maybe I make more than a little sense. But I definitely know that love is the way I want to go down. I hope that my ability to send that message will make a few people smile in my small blip of the universe.

Put the message in the Box
Put the box into the car
drive the car around the world...

World Party - Message in the Box.


  1. did you write this for me?

    I hope so.

    Im crabby today..but only because its raining, cant swim and I have injured myself.

    sniffle sniffle

  2. goddess: BIG GIRL HUGS!!! go stand in the rain! and love it!

  3. i hear ya, sister! LOTS OF ANGST these days.
    you know what else bugs me - and it seems to be coming around a lot...people who overreact. seriously. life isn't always about "you". sometimes things happen and it is coincidental. (of course i'm not talking about you, specifically, just making a point.) anyways...maybe i'll blog about it. thanks for the idea! LOL

  4. I wish it would rain.. seriously...It'sdry as dust

    Bunches of hugs...

  5. goddess: I love your blog. don't go changin!

    rebecca: yes. Even though I have tendencies towards the more "psychic" elements of my life, i hear ya. Sometimes things just happen.

    Steph: I wish it would rain for you to. sighs... maybe you should visit OK. or NOrth TX. Seems they are the ones getting all the precip. :hug:

  6. What lovely toes! Are they yours?

    Finally, in all the angst of bloggerdom, a blog which spurns it and embraces joy!