There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, June 27

Damn Neighbor...s

So, lets all take a minute to breath and smile. Someone pass me the sleeping pills. The guy who lives upstairs from me has obviously become involved with a gymnast. They wrestled and threw each other around last night for 3 f*ing hours. Now normally I am not the type to begrudge someone getting their "freak on". But when it keeps me awake until 2 am, and wakes up my 4 year old son TWICE because they were body slamming on the floor? Sorry dude, but you are going to have to move the action to some other location. Momma gets muy grumpy when she isn't getting any action, nor any sleep.

If they do this again tonight? I am going to leave the kid on his doorstep with a note pinned on his shirt.

Dear Upstairs Penis Romper Room Participants,
You are responsible for one day of babysitting due to the fact that you were rockin the floor so hard last night, after the 2 hour wrestling, slamming each other to the ground foreplay, I couldn't get any sleep. And my son woke up twice saying mommy? are we safe? Cuz he thought you were going to come crashing down on us.

I have given him an oil can so you can work on that creaky bed too. You got yourselves into this. Maybe this will be a good contraceptive for you. And you will think twice before practicing for a Vegas sex show in your apartment.

not bored, not angry, just tired, single mother in the apartment below.

Doubt this will win me any points, or even get to him, but man, I am so tired, i am having an out of body experience.



  1. Yeah, that dude needs to know how loud he's being.

    That shit's just not cool. :(

    now go take a nap! ;-)

  2. What a jerk he is...
    How rude!.. Is there anyway you can tell the manager?

    Hope you get some shuteye...

  3. yep. got a confrontation that needs to happen. i had to deal with that too. sux living below anyone.

  4. Someone sounds jealous. ;)

    Just kidding. Loud and/or obnoxious neighbors suck the big one. I'm very lucky where I am now, but my last place was a disaster.

  5. pissy: if only i could!

    steph: there is no manager to complain to. i will give him one more night.

    rebecca: yea its a price issue at this point. i would love to move!

    Earl: well, if i was jealous, i would have gone up there and taken care of it last night! busted up the good time. ;-)

  6. Mel, I'm sorry you're not getting any sleep, but I swear, the phrase Penis Romper Room Participants will be giving me the giggles all day today.

  7. Ugh, people are so unbelievably inconsiderate. If they don't calm down, call the cops or something with a noise complaint. Kind of drastic but still. Although the kid idea is good too. ;)

  8. beanie: it just came to me. i swear, they were romping around giggling... feel free to quote me. :wink:

    Karma: this guy is a right git. he continuously thunks all night long, even when he isn't poking women. I am seriously going to send the kid one of these days, and have him say, you scare me... :wink:

  9. "Penis Romper Room Participants"

    omg, I spit my coca-cola out....