There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, July 24


Ankles... yea, the support of the frame. I have a very bad left ankle. Wanna know why? maybe not, but heck, its something to blog about.

When I was a senior in high school, I was on my way to see the movie Grease, in the theater (yes I am that old). I was wearing a pair of Tiddie's sandals. Slippery suckers, I tell ya. Well it started to rain as I was coming through the parking lot. I stepped onto the sidewalk that was like glass, slid my foot straight into a concrete planter, and BAM. Busted the end of my tibia and fibula right at the ankle like a triangle. I didn't realize this of course until much later that evening. I was NOT going to miss the movie. NO WAY. I sat through it with a bag of ice on my leg. Spent the night with a friend, and my parents came to get me in the middle of the night I was in so much pain. The next morning they take me to quack doc, and he says yep you busted it. And seeing as it was summer, he set my foot in a cast that I could swim in. He didn't wrap my leg tight enough, and the resulting error is a constant growth of calcium buildup around that ankle.

As I have gotten older, and calcium build up has started resulting in muscle spasms around my ankle, and lower leg. I have been working out and trying to build up some strength in the muscles around my ankle. I fear it is time for surgery. BLECH! My issue? I have NO support system here. I mean, I don't have anyone to help me with my child, if I decide to do this. Time to start networking, or have my parents take him for a month... now THAT would totally suck! Oh well. Its time to start thinking about it and planning.

First step? See a doctor. ;-)


  1. I lived in Prescott, Arizona for a year without a support system. I was proving I could do it on my own, don't ya know? Well, I did, but it wasn't fun and it wasn't good for Teenager (who was 5 then), so we moved back to Texas and I am so glad. I wouldn't have met my husband if I hadn't!!!

    You'll work it out!

  2. Yikes! That is certainly no fun! Sorry to hear about the lack of support but I know you'll be able to work it out. It really does sound like a necessary evil.

  3. CindyD: I love TX. But the quality of life I have here far outweighs the thought of moving back there. My sister and brother are here in CA, and my parents should be too. that is my current motivation, is to bring them here. I am so happy for you dear, you have found a wonderful mate! and a wonderful life. :hug:


    karma: always does, doesn't it? I just hate the thought of surgery on my ankle.

  4. I'm so sorry that you're in pain, but it probably would be a good idea to have the surgery while you're still young, and before you do further damage to it.

    I totally understand the problem of no support, though. I raised three kids alone with no help from anyone, because I had to.

    This method is not recommended, though. Can your sister and/or brother help while you have your surgery and recuperate?

    Good luck with your very full plate.

  5. Sorry your ankle is hurting..

    Maybe your brother /and or sister could help you out, since you think it's a bad idea for him to stay with your parents for the month.

    Sending you healing thoughts...
    You'll work it out, I'm sure..

  6. YOWCH!!

    get that taken care of!! you poor thing!

  7. I too suffer from bad ankles.

    Sprained each of them an unknowable amout of times in college playing basketball with my friends.

    Now, at 40, they hate me.

    My ankles, not my friends.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain and hope that you can have it taken care of soon.

    Hugs, Zissy

    ps: I will be in CA in a month. hehehehe Im so excited. :)

  9. Earl: just a heads up, your friends hate you too!

  10. hearts: wow! you are awesome. I am lucky I only have one, or I would probably be in the looney bin! yes, going to the doctor next week.

    steph: i am sure that it will all work out with the child. I am going to have to do some planning around it for sure.

    becca: i don't mind the little aches and pains of an aging body, but this is cramps, and I hate that! :hugs:

    earl: we have so much in common! my friends hate me too :giggles:

    zissy: where you going? can we meetup? :hug:

    slyde: this is my blog. go pick on earl elsewhere. :giggles: