There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, July 23


I love living near the beach. On Saturday, we were there for about 4 hours. My tan is really coming along! I hope by this time next year to be quite a bit thinner so that I can really enjoy the tan. Working out and dieting. One step at a time, and I will lose it. Oh yes. Even if i have to do the Anna Nicole trimspa method for some of the months... :wink:

Sunday, Cold Spring Tavern. Fun times!

Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan have played there for some time I am told. They were a pleasure to watch. And quite humorous.
Interesting information, they had a map up of the Zaca fires that are consuming some acreage here in our part of the state. Rainfall was so scarce this winter, I am surprised that there haven't been more fires here. I worry that this isn't going to be the only one this year. *fingers crossed she is wrong*. You could see the smoke when you left the tavern moving southwest. I wondered why my allergies have really been acting up. The child had a blast meeting a new young friend, and playing in the playhouse there. And he was covered in dirt by the time we got home. He was crying because we had to leave. I had a good time hanging with my friends. It was a good afternoon, and made me forget the state of affairs that keeps my mind awake at night!

Anyway, this kid was under the picnic table playing hide and seek.


  1. handsome little guy :)

    glad you had a good time this weekend. you ARE lucky you live near the beach, I would absolutely LOVE living there....

  2. Santa Barbara is lovely!

    I hope Anna Nicole's lifestyle doesn't go with the diet goodies.

    What a handsome little boy. Is he yours?

  3. Ah, I found the airbrush tan is fairly efficient for those times when ya just don't wanna scare anyone with your whiteness!

  4. karma: thanks. he's gots good jeans... :lol:

    goddess: it took me a lifetime to get here. they are going to have to forcibly remove me now.

    Hearts: there are no diet goodies! i can barely afford this lovely place as it is! yea. he is my podling. :wink:

    Cindy: ltns! :hug: i am a white girl, now a tan one. Did you get some sun on your honeymoon? the pix are awesome btw.

  5. your son looks like the cutest little angel...

  6. Sounds like a cool weekend..and the beach is neat..

    Little man is adorable..

  7. slyde: more like a leprechaun! he gives you that angelic look before he sticks his tongue out at you! :lol:
    nah.. i tease. he really is a love.

    Steph: the beach is relaxing. and you know how wonderful that can be. Thanks, he is a fun kid.