There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, July 27

Pressing the Flesh

The more I get out of the house, the better I feel. I love being online with my friends, but seriously, if I want to meet parents and potential friends in my community, online just doesn't cut it. Well, sometimes it does, but, I am in the need of the "pressing of the flesh" time.

I may not be online much the next week, it seems exciting things have come about for me to do! This weekend, The Greek Fesitval on Saturday! Yea, I don't have a dime to my name, but it is free, and they do have food. YES! MMMMM gyros & halva & spinach pies, etc. A good day to take pictures too. I love people events for picture taking.

Sunday? I am going to TRY and drag my behind to church. TRY being the term there. I may just sleep in and go to the beach. get more sun. I love being tan, and it sure makes me look better. Its great exercise for the kid and me, and also, free.

Monday: laundry and find an outfit for Wednesday

Tuesday: off to dinner with coworkers. Sales meeting stuff. Going to the Palace Grill. Now if you are ever in Santa Barbara, and you like cajun food, and entertainment, GO. You have to wait in line for seating, but they have someone outside entertaining on the weekends. Twice a night they have a sing along with the entire restaurant, and toasts all around. FUN.

Wednesday: The reason I need an outfit. Each year they have a week long celebration the call FIESTA!!!! or Old Spanish Days here in Santa Barbara. Our company gave away tickets to various events, and I won a pair!!! La Fiesta Pequena. Isn't free good? (Goes to look for her tickets, hopes she hasn't lost them...) So going to try and find some kind of spanish inspired skirt or probably a top. And not to forget the flower for my hair! As I want to try not to look too waspy. :giggles: And this festival goes through the weekend. thankfully i live within walking distance of all the downtown events. Viva la Fiesta!!!

Hey, did you know that there really was a Saint Barbara?

Look for pictures. There should be quite a few after this week! I really enjoy taking pictures of people, and their events, and smiles, etc. A busy week. Finally!!!!! *remembers to take her supplements*

tally ho, and away we go! *puts on her smile*


  1. Now that's what I'm talking about!

  2. you go girl! have a great time. I hope you meet some great people.

    You HAD better go to the beach with your little guy evry single chance you GET!!! I mean it.

    I would give my eye teeth to live close to the ocean and a decent beach. I can always get tooth implants when winter gets here...

  3. C: thanks, inspiration! :hug:

    Goddess: you have an open invite to come and visit and bring wee one. Leave the men at home!!!

    implants... heh...

  4. Sounds like a busy fun week! Good for you! :)