There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, August 20


I am in a funk. The once a month funk. I normally am quite fine with this situation as in no massive mood swings, or off the charts outbursts. Today, I am feeling a bit burdened, nothing serious. Stupid woman stuff. I wish we had paid mental health days. I could use a day to myself, with a box of acrylics and a HUGE HUGE canvas to spill out the emotions in my head. Splatter the conditions of my feelings across a cloth, and see what the reactions are. Its so freeing, meditative, and cathartic. The more I do it the better I feel. But like anything else, you have to get started. Staring at a blank canvas can be daunting. Someday, I am going to have a studio. Its a prayer I have had for a while.

A wise friend said to me today, "I think you believe the world should be on your timetable and that people should have your priorities." Upstart. (giggles) Of course I do. After all, this is my universe isn't it?

I have to remember the phrase, one step at a time, with an addendum of, don't push. I know that everything happens in it's time and for a reason. I forget that sometimes in the moment to moment space. Getting better... its getting better.

Thanks friend, thanks talent and thanks universe. Without these elements life would suck.

edit: does anyone have some dark dark chocolate? anyone? its a solution. i swear by it. just ask my sister.


  1. Mondays suck.

    I hope you get your studio one day soon!

    Wee One has been the terror from hell today, I hope yours cuts you some slack...

  2. Dark chocolate is one of the greatest things on earth. I have some every Friday! And it will get better, everything. It has to right? :)