There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, August 1

Summer DayZ

After yesterday's little melt down, I feel revived. Thanks smile. :smooches:

So many things are shakin' up in my tiny life. I hope this roll continues through out the rest of the year. So hump day. I have to pay rent, look into getting a birthday present (sorry mom its going to be late... AGAIN! sighs).

Kids birthday is on the 16th. Don't have any big plans, so need to get on that. Maybe a day at the beach? On his actual birthday a friend has offered to take him to a water park. Now that is going to be a fun day! Thankfully my boss has complied to letting me off that day. Pouring myself into a suit, and going for a swim.

The end of the month offers up a chance to see Mr. Neil Finn... :hearteyes: Going to see Crowded House with a gal pal, that is moving back home soon. Will be a great send off for us. The ending of our summer of "love". We will be weeping for sure!

All that said, I sure am interested in lighting a fire with someone and it seems the universe has complied. Call me when you get home. ;-)


  1. S'funny, I heard two songs from Mr. Finn's earlier band, Split Enz, in the past week on one of the XM radio station.

    I used to fucking love Split Enz!

  2. Earl: we should have had children together. destiny cheated us. DAmmiT.

  3. did i read that right? have you met someone significant?

  4. there's something so cute/attractive about neil finn...sigh.

  5. rebecca: significant yes, but just a friend.

    there is something sooo sexy about mr. finn... or should i say charismatic?