There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, September 13

Go Figure

So I decided to take a figure drawing class instead. I really need the practice in sketching and perspective. I was amazed at how quickly that all comes back.

I suck at gestures, but give me a fifteen-twenty minute pose, I do much better!!!

Onward. Watercolors next time around. If I don't get addicted to figure drawing.

more to come.


  1. Sounds like You've figured it out! lol

  2. Very cool. :) I wish I could draw.

  3. oh i LOVE figure drawing. nothing like working from a live model. it was i was the best at...such fun. please totally enjoy yourself! you deserve it.

  4. don't give it up! I really regret giving up my drawing for working in the computer industry...

  5. ECD: a pun. HA! happy friday.

    karma: I think everyone has a bit of the artist in them. its finding the medium that you work best in that is the key.

    rebecca: I don't love it so much, but I sure see the benefits. I had a really good time last night, once I got past the quick sketch.

    slyde: I have never given up my art, i just let it go dormant. thanks for the encouragement, saxy.

  6. My fervent prayer for you, m, is that you don't have to paint that fucking guy who is in your just for phun photos.

    That shit is weird.

    Fucking have a ball.
    - -
    Father Luke

  7. father: If that guy showed up, I think I would have to leave the room. I agree with you on the "weird".

    always a pleasure to see ya! thanks.

  8. B: I don't do it that well. but you have to start somewhere.