There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, September 24



are you diggin my mad kartwheelin' skillz? yea. I did that. isn't the kid a hoot? trying to understand the physics? awesome. :cool:

happy monday everyone. hope you had wonderful weekends.


  1. I never was able to do cartwheels ... you make it look easy ... who took the pic?

  2. that looks like FUN!

    your little guy is too cute :)

  3. damn, i cant see this at work....

    THIS one ill have to check out when i get home...

  4. Fun!!!! I can't do cartwheels anymore but I had mad skills when I was a kid. Could even do the one handed ones!

  5. Ya' nut. Haw !

    - -
    Father Luke

  6. That picture ROCKS! I love the lil ones expression. I never was able to do kartwheels. But I do a mean summersault. ;)

  7. You sure you weren't explaining baseball to the tyke?

    Because he's clearly calling you "safe"!

  8. Good for you! I'd totally break something if I attempted that. (Look your little guy is mentally coaching you - *arms like this --- thaat's it Mom*---)

  9. Whoo-hoo! Congratulations on not falling on Your head, Melanie.

  10. hairy: Hey you. :huggles: Carol. you know her? :giggles:

    goddess: yea. he was soo laughing at me.

    karma: just get up and do one. the physics of it haven't changed, and it frees up a part of your soul. guaranteed.

    father: is this on your 100 list?

    Bheart: so do one! yea.

    tink: somersaults followed. or preceded. don't remember which. THAT he could do.

    earl: he is a pitcher. for sure. that kid can hit a target dead on when he focuses. I used to.. :whimpers:

    eliza: doesnt it? i think he was trying to get into the groove...

    ECD: no the head was used for somersaults. same day. Not as easy to do as cartwheels. but still quite fun.