There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, September 28

Remaining Positive

The most reflective part of my day is while driving. Its the time of day when I have time to focus on whats up with me. Despite all the other people on the road, driving is a meditative process for me. Left, Right, stop, go, fairly simple. I actually can reflect and hear myself thinking. So this morning during driving meditation time, I was sparked with an awareness of my negativity. Yea. Its annoying.

I found myself saying things that were negative and oppressive. You are late, because you can't ever be on time, you are lazy, etc. I caught it. Realized it was happening. This is a rare occurrence when I actually stop beating me up. I felt so proud of myself at that moment. Then, I thought, look at how you treat yourself. Why would you expect anyone else to treat you better? Start looking at the things that are good about you. Begin with canceling out this "negative about self" speech.

Now granted, I am imperfect, being human and all. There are times when I am going to flub and falter, and royally muck up the muckity muck. But beating myself up about it is a waste of energy. And its non-productive. Acknowledge and move on. And love thyself without being a martyr. mantra established.

Speaking of the monkey on my back, I have to find a monkey suit (somebody wants to be curious george for halloween). awesome right?


happy weekends my friends.


  1. Would that someone who wants to be curious george be you?

    I've seen you do cartwheels.

  2. no I will have to be the man in the yellow suit. oh joy... :eyeroll:

  3. happy weekend to you to.

    I too am trying to remain positive. Sometimes it isn't easy.

    Is the drawing yours by any chance?

  4. Yay for you for trying to be positive! That`s awesome and I wish I could do it. And how cute will he be as curious george?

  5. good luck finding a curious george suit! When I was at Target 2 weeks ago, they had some..(I think it was Target?)

  6. I'd say Target also....

    but you'd better get there soon...that stuff goes so fast!

    p.s. good for you...being positive is always the best route. :)

  7. Yes yes, I want to know too! Is that your drawing?

  8. There are enough people in life who will cut us down. It's a shame when we turn on ourselves too...

    Curious George? AWESOME.

  9. C'mon Melanie. We all want to know:

    You drew that right?

    - -
    Curious Father Luke

  10. i wanted my son to be curious george this year...

    instead he pickced the outfit from Scream...

    i wonder where he gets his love of horror from????

  11. Good mantra. Might borrow it when I'm feeling bluish.

  12. Not my drawing. I swear! sorry to disappoint.

    Thanks for the comments everyone, I am feeling emotionally beat up after the weekend. The kid is really testing the boundaries right now. And I am finding the strength to say no, but being without a buffer all the time, well, i feel kind of bruised.

    happy monday all!

  13. Rip - off!

    Everyone wants to know if you drew that.

    Out with it.

    - -
    Father Luke