There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, October 24


I have boobs. They take up a good portion of real estate on my person. Its not something that I asked for, am ashamed of, or even despise. Although my lower back may say otherwise most days. Why am I speaking of them now? Reason: I was observing some photos from a flickr contact. The images were of civilians being trained as volunteer fire fighters. What does this have to do with boobs do you ask? Here goes.

These women in the photos, there were probably 3 or 4, didn't have large breasts. Now, I don't applaud or judge them for this. What point came to mind is how much IN THE WAY larger breasts seem to be. They were strapping on the harnesses for oxygen, and their boobs don't interfere. I mean, if I donned this thing, well, i don't think there would be enough strap! I found myself feeling upset because my anatomy can get in the way of some possibilities. sighs.

Here are a few examples of my upper body interference.

• Have you tried to make a complete golf swing, like with a driver, and not be able to bring your arms across your chest? You have to move your entire body. not good.

• I have knocked drinks over at the bar WITH MY BREASTS... You know some people talk with their hands, and knock them over. I have other ways. Thankfully it makes my friends laugh, male bartenders find this intriguing, and I get another drink for free. (Thought I did a blog on these occasions, but must not have...)

• Its a playground for my son. well, until he turned 3, we would be in the store, and down the shirt his hand would go. He even pulled down my shirt at the dentists office. Thankfully the dentist was a funny man, Making the comment, Well at least we know he is going to be a boob man. HA. funny doc.

• Imagine playing co-ed football and getting tackled and landing on them. OUCH!!!!

• golf swing, baseball bat swing, same diff.

• FORGET running. Just forget it. I think my swim coach made me do it on purpose so he could watch me. He was eventually prosecuted for being a perv. PERVY coach... He also made me a diver... Ha. as if that anatomy can ease into the water without a splash.

Now good people, don't get me wrong. Much pleasure can be found with the anatomy that doesn't involve organized sports, or public exercise. And I wont have a reduction, because the procedure is still too barbaric. Like I need to lose sensation there. NOT. Another annoying fact? It's the last place I lose weight. No lie.

So. I am a large breasted woman. I should write a poem, or a song. Keep watching. I think I am going to do just that. Stoop it anatomy. But i guess we are all built for something. My guess? I am built for pleasure. (Cause milk production, well. That was tricky at pregnancy) And if so? Why is it I get no action? :ha:


  1. I know just what you mean. I have something large too and I can golf swing with it! Though I usually slice into the woods.

  2. I don't experience any interference, but I've often wondered what it would be like to be built in such a way that you do...fascinating!


  3. I need to make a post for you on the cons of having little titties. Like the fact that no lingerie ever looks like it's supposed to on you. Or how you can never go bra-less because then it looks like you have nothing there. *Sigh*

  4. cyber bro: now you are taunting me in a incestuous fashion. stop it!

    catherine: take a couple of 2-4 pound baggies of sugar (or flour), put them in a bra, and strap it on. Now. go about your day. we can compare notes next week. be aware of the eyes of men. :giggles:

    tink: well they are too small for me. I look like i am about to explode in those tiny topped teddies... :sighs: lets level out. I will contribute to your cause.

  5. yep boobs. i think mine are pretty average. they have fed both my children so are not as "spunky" as they used to be. I do hope as I lose weight, I do not lose them.
    I would miss them.
    thank you for stopping by my page, I know where to you find you now. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    much respect~d
    oh yeah, and I have a 12 year old son
    and a 2 year old girl
    (the comment about blending in was said when he was around 4 yrs. old)

    your boy is a cutee

  6. i hear you sister. i've ALWAYS had them. even when i weighed in at 135.

    i'm getting a reconstruction/redux in about a year, after i'm done losing weight. it is frustrating and always has been for me. my mom loses there first. me? last. i've gone down a couple cup sizes...but i still have the bodatious tatas. wish i didn't!

  7. Nothin' like a hug from a big-busted woman. Nothin' at all.

  8. That's funny! I wish I could have been there to see you take out a drink with your boobs lol

  9. lol, knocked over drinks at the bar!

    I hear ya.

    I was gifted with large mamms even when I was a thin person. I wear a special bra when I ride, because if I dont-ouch!

  10. kitterman: welcome! well, spunky does tend to make us happier, but oh well... its all gravity from here on out. welcome! and yea. he has charisma too.

    becca: we are a lot alike. :hug: will be interested in hearing about your redux tuck. I believe that is in the cards for me at some point.

    C: except maybe two BBed women hugging. That sounds almost pornographic. :giggles:

    kat: hilarious almost to the point of doing it on purpose to get laughs. but that never works. has to be spontaneous. the funniest part about it? it was in a tumbler, not a stem glass... yea. staggering statistics.

    goddess: my friend Claudia, she said "that is FREAKIN impossible! If i hadn't of seen it I wouldn't believe it." then she goes on and on to the bartender, (much to my embarrassment) about how bodacious my ta tas are! didn't get me any kisses... harumph.

    glad to know I am in commiseration with some great ladies here!

  11. Yeah. Boobs. Fun but sometimes annoying. What about sleeping on your tummy? Also not so easy with the big juggs.

  12. Eliza: not easy, but I do sleep on my tummy though. My back thanks me for that.

  13. Those will be some tough um, shoes, to fill when your son is old enough to hit on other women.

  14. I've always been small on top...always...

    now that I'm older it's turned out to be a good thing: no sagging, no drooping, no stretch marks....fairly perky boobs for a 50 years old woman! LOL!

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  16. I am with Barn Goddess about the difficulty of riding with huge boobs. I'd like them to be a couple sizes smaller, but no more than that... my husband is a boob man!

  17. I'm sorry. Did you say something after "boobs"?

  18. I still stare at Earls Boobs...

  19. hearts: I guess. I hope he does. He told me this weekend his favorite color is pink. and yet? he is all boy.

    pissy: brag on your own blog. this one is about me! :giggles: (yea I am jealous)

    cindy: they ought to make a big super tight ace bandage, that doesnt have straps that dig into your shoulders. Glad you found someone that appreciates your "gifts".

    earl: nope. BOOBS... tee hee.

    slyde: sometimes mr. you just don't make sense. if earl has boobs... i want to see them too.