There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Wednesday, October 10

Ok Dreamers

I have had dreams come true in the past. One time I dreamt about nuclear holocaust while living in Houston. In part of this dream, on the wall of a rehearsal hall I was singing in, there was a painting of mouth shapes posed in the pronunciation position using different vowels or consonants. At the end of this dream, I was in a church preforming, and over the loud speaker someone announced "name your nemesis country here" had launched nuclear missiles and the president was retaliating. This announcement was to inform us to find shelter. I ran to the phone to call home. While waiting, I looked out the window. It was a lovely, clear, beautiful day. But in the distance, I saw large dark clouds getting closer, big booms were shaking the ground (yes I could feel them), and the sound of helicopters rushing people off the streets was deafening. That was basically the end of the dream. I woke up crying and shaking.

The next waking day I was on a first date with a guy. He took me to his friends house for some reason that I currently can't remember. While I waited for them to finish their talking in the other room, I wandered around the living room. On the wall of this mans apartment was the EXACT painting from the night before. Same colors, same lips, same red lines dividing the examples. When the two of them returned, I asked this stranger, "Have I ever met you before?"

He said, "No. I have never seen you before."

I asked, "Did you paint this painting?"

He responded, "NO, a friend did that for me. I am in a band, and she painted that for me."

I inquired. "Is she a famous artist, and would I have seen that somewhere in a show in this town?"

He said, "No. She gave it to me as a present. Its one of a kind."

Ok. So at this point I am really starting to freak out. I said, "You won't believe this but I had a dream about this exact painting last night. Exactly. Colors lips everything. Then there was a nuclear holocaust." and I laughed.

They both looked at me like I had two heads and said "yea, ok." I dropped it. But you can be damn sure I listened and freaked about helicopters all week.

So in telling you this, I had a dream about my cousin last night. She is pregnant. I have a very strong feeling she is going to have a boy. But its not going to be easy. After that one experience of telling the people I dream about what I have seen, I don't really share these visions I have with them. But rest assured, there is some element of the foresight in me. I wish I could harness that power for good!

Hope I can find a similar soul to share this with, someone else that has the "gift of insight".


  1. wow, that sounds almost unreal. I do not have this kind of dreams. Never had a dejavu.
    But I am not sure I would like to have this kind of dreams, that is a heavy duty gift to carry..

  2. I don't have those dreams every night. But my dreams are totally intense. This has been happening since age five, and I have come to accept it, just like anything else that comes along. I don't think about it overly, just watch and learn.

    I would miss it if it disappeared actually. Makes life all the more interesting. ;-)

  3. Mel, I'm the same exact way. I'm constantly dreaming things before they happen, mostly just mundane stuff thank goodness. And my dreams are always vivid. I hate the ones where I dream about someone's death. I've woken my mom up at like 3 in the morning calling to make sure she's okay. And I had a series of apocalyptic dreams, like biblical apocalypse. They were terrifying. But you're right, it's such a gift and it would be weird to not have them.

  4. Freaky!

    ....but cool....very cool....

  5. Actually, I think we are all given a gift of "insight". Some people are more aware of it than others.

  6. My psychic gifts are regulated to the most un-important things imaginable.

    Like calling Jason Giambi's next home run or the next song to be played on the radio.

    I wish it were for things like lottery numbers, but alas.

  7. hey-I am a believer. My grandmother was a 'seer' and she knew things.

    I have a strong 'gut' feeling that is always right.

    I believe your power is in your dreams and I think you should listen!

  8. karma: yikes! I hear you though. You end up treading around all week wondering, what if... :sighs:

    pissy: yes. in a lot of ways, very cool.

    CindyD: I wish there was some way of making it more useful. still time to do that I guess.

    Earl: if its important to you then hey. its important! yea. that lotto has us all stumped.

    goddess: you have to love the "seer" There have been times when I have sat down next to someone and gotten a complete read on them, and continued to discuss it with them. And believe me I do listen. Sometimes the midgets and scary inflatable pigs are hard to decipher! :lol:

    thanks for the support. :hug:

  9. cyber bro - stop tempting me with your saxy ways... :wink:

  10. yes. last night was no exception.
    i need to take time in the morning to write them down.

    how are yours Rebecca?

  11. Ah yes...I've had that happen...

  12. This has happened to me often enough to get my attention. And like you, I wish I could harness it for good, as I believe it is a gift and that such gifts are meant to be shared.

    They can be shared only with those who request it, though, as you learned. Most people are not open to this kind of prescience and are freaked out by it, and by the messenger.

    I can also determine the sex of unborn children, even if I have never met the mother before. As far as I know, I have never been wrong about this. I cannot win lotteries, however.

  13. hearts: yea. that lottery thing is a complete mystery. I wonder if you questioned all the lottery winners about their number picking methods, it would be completely random.