There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, October 23


Have you noticed lately what kind of little rituals you have? I mean the only thing that brought it to mind was while dressing my son this morning, after I put on his drawers, he held out his feet. He is used to the "getting dressed" ritual. On him, I put the underwear on, socks, pants and lastly his shirt. In that order. The way I get dressed is about the same. Last thing to go on is the shirt. I kind of like walking around half naked in the mornings... (shhh, i didn't say that out loud).

Other rituals, for example, are in the bathtub. Wash hair first, then conditioner. Then the soapy sap on the loofah sponge, mmmmm soapy sap, then shaving, then scrubbing the face, then pumice stone, then rinsing off conditioner, then out! And the whole hair ritual that follows that, product applied, teeth brushed, then face lotion, deodorant, etc. I mean certain things just must be in order.

What is the ritual you notice most in your life? The way you make your coffee? Your commute to work? Or do you have a ritual of which socks you wear with what outfits? It amazes me how we become more set in our ways as we get older. Maybe its just environmental education. We know how we like things to be. But doesn't that sometimes lead us to being crotchety or stodgy? I don't know. I do like my certain brand of toilet paper, folded in a certain way. And no they can't take that away from me.

I wish everything in my life could have a little more order to it. But then again, what a total drag to be ultimately predictable. right? Just thinking out loud. Enjoy your twoooosday.

Hey Texas, you reading this? :giggles:

Where is my smile... pouts.


  1. I do think about rituals sometimes...and as you say, my little guy helps me see them!

  2. Gia has noticed that I have a food eating ritual.

    I eat from the far side of my plate towards me. Weird, huh?

  3. how do you lose your smile? it's always with you.

    also...i don't think rituals have anything to do with age. don't we start babies in rituals/structured time so they feel secure? starts all the way back then.

    interesting topic, mel. i have so many rituals.

  4. catherine: yes. he has reawakened me to a lot of things.

    earl: interesting! I eat in sections. I used to be so anal that my food couldn't touch.

    becca: smile refers to someone in particular that I am missing.

    I started thinking about it this morning, and now I am noticing it everywhere, of course. yea I guess we do start at infancy. ;-)

  5. I am all about rituals and routines. Gawd help me if I have to go off track, I may have a melt-down.....

    it comes from being raised in a family of police officers and medical professionals!

    I am afraid my Wee One is turning out like me, a bit OCD.

  6. Goddess: nothing wrong with it. does help maintain a level of sanity. But sometimes I have to just BREAK LOOOSE!!!!

    my poor kid. its all over the place with us.