There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Thursday, October 4


Okay. I had to start thinking about where I was going to enroll the boy in school next year. Both my mother and my counselor think that enrolling him in school when he just turned five will be a mistake. Yesterday I toured an Open Alternative School. I think that this OAS school may alleviate that "too young for school" concern. The only reason I toured this school was because a co-worker's two daughters attended the OAS school. Her oldest is already in Jr. High, and is in "talented & gifted" classes.

Much to my joy it is a public school. Its basically a co-op that requires parents to contribute 2 hours a week in helping out with classes, special projects, field trips, or administrative work. I look forward to helping. They employ multi-age groupings which means the kindergarten class has first graders in it, etc. Their lesson plans (concepts) are based on theme and real life experience, so they can integrate this learning into their everyday life. They set aside time everyday for an open forum to discuss problems and successes of the day. How great is that to building self esteem and confidence?

As I sat listening to the director talk about this school, I got kind of teary eyed. Oh how I wish that I had this kind of opportunity in my early years. How much I hated the thought of going to school everyday. And how he wont have to have think that. And how lucky I am to let my son experience this. He is too smart to hold back, but too wild to be in a "classic" school environment. I have found a good place for him.

This move to California has been very, very hard on me, but it was the only way to make a life that he can flourish in. And the residuals aren't too shabby! I get to live and work in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

Thank you Universe for kicking my a** out of Texas!

Not that I don't love my Texas friends, I really do... really. I miss them. The California folks aren't Texans. Nope.


  1. i was worried about putting Joey in school this month, as he wont be 5 till November...

    but so far he loves it.. he's really flourishing...

  2. That's awesome! I wish there had been something like this when I was little. My Mom had me in daycare. I still get flashbacks of that place. It was overcrowded and understaffed. One time the sprinkler system malfunctioned and flooded the school... While we were IN it!

  3. slyde: I got teary eyed thinking of him going to his first day of school... sniff.

    Tink: now that is scary. deluxe. sorry you had to deal with that. This school is in a wealthy so cal community. They would be embarrassed if the sprinklers even malfunctioned much less tried to drown the kids.

  4. Excellent post honey! As usual. Li'l smooth operator is in 1st grade, and we keep thinking we should have put her in school one year later. But despite not liking the teacher and having trouble with classmates, she is doing well, so... there's that.

    Good to see you again!

  5. C-bro! Damn I missed ya! Yea. They all keep saying that. I think this is the perfect alternative. If he needs to be held back here, it wont be a "blatent issue". Gotta love the Alternative Lifestyle. :wink:

    xoxo hugs to the gals.

  6. That school sounds amazing!!!! I'm with you, I wish I had had something like that. I didn't hate school but I was extremely bored with it. Glad things are working out in Cali.

  7. Actually, this sounds like the Liberal Arts College of primary school! Yay!

  8. hey! is our Karma right on or WHAT?!?!?!

    My Wee One finally was accepted into preschoolt his week despite his being from an over-income family.

    I posted this morning about our intake at his new school yesterday.

    I hope your little one loves his new school! I think he will...

  9. karma: Thanks dear. sorry I haven't been over to see you recently, been throwing a pity party.

    cindy: i hope so. she told me that the kids write and produce their own movies by third grade... man. This is going to be an education for me as well.

  10. goddess: I was so happy to read that the other day. You are going to finally have a few mins of peace. I was grateful for that!

    groovy karma gals we IS!