There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Monday, October 29


Man. I am tired! I love Santa Barbara. There is ALWAYS something going on. And if you think I am kidding, check out the SB

Friday night was slow. Went out for Thai food. Found a good restaurant so that is good news. Then off to a friends. Austin wanted to play with the "boys" (25 year olds. :wink:)

The Opera. Hansel and Gretel. A-man enjoyed it. He asked me about the animals, the curtain, why there was a cage on the stage, when were the animals coming back, where were the people going, why was there smoke, and "look the sky was blue, and now its red". He sat still and watched. Afterwards there was a party. They had things for the kids to do. Mask making, bracelet making, decorating gingerbread men, floral hair wreath making, and face painting. They also had hot dogs and juice. Good times.

Then, you wanted to go and play with the "boys" again. I obliged you. I like going to CC's house.

Kids Parade (Halloween) All kinds of kids in costume marching down State St, tossing candy. He wasn't too happy about asking for candy. A-man is shy. (So much like me when I was younger). But he managed to get some goodies. Then we went to a "bunny" festival. That was very interesting. I think everyone wants a bunny when they see them. So fluffy and soft and cute. He kept asking me for a bunny. That is not going to be his first pet. (I am thinking a gold fish.) bunny

We got him new shoes, and "Meet the Robinson's". A-man finally passed out around 9:30 last night.

We were both tired this morning. Mommy needs work weeks to recover from the weekends.

Ready for Halloween? :excited:


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I watched "Meet The Robinsons" too! It's really cute! Rabbits are kind of scary though even if they are cuddly.

  2. rebecca: yea.they stink though. my fingers smelled like rabbit all afternoon. not good.

    karma: its the nails and the teeth that get me. and that nervous look in their eyes. but man are they soft. I love meet the robinson's. great movie. and great concept.

  3. I am envious of where you live~! I feel stuck out here in hickville when I read some of your posts...

    are you ready for trick or treat? pooh bear??

    I posted about a spooky thing that happened to me today!