There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, November 27

I was sleeping.

Almost a week since I came to this space. Sorry to admit I didn't miss the computer. I was online working on photos or talking to friends only. AND I didn't do that too much during the holidays either. I ate, and slept. Watched movies, took a couple of walks, played with the kid, did laundry, slept... cleaned up my apartment, ate some more. And napped. It was soooo nice. I also had a nice Thanksgiving day meal with some friends. Reminding myself that there are nice people in this world.

I still feel tired though. Imagine I slept too much. Something happened that kind of bummed me out, but I am learning to cut my losses quickly and move forward. Still doesn't stop me from getting blown down by events that involve my heart. Even when you lose a friend, its still a difficult blow. (no smile. it's not you.)

So its Tuesday. I have a car that needs some repair, but I want to accomplish that myself, just to see if I can do it. (Battery cable needs to be replaced.) And I am going to do that.

I looked at this heavenly apartment last week. Two bedrooms, in a nice quiet complex, swimming pool, two spas, workout room, laundry hookups in my apartment, dishwasher, full kitchen... corrian counter tops, bar, full size fridge... le sigh. More than I can afford right now. So I am going to dream about it for a while.

Keep those positive thoughts coming. I had a piece of news this morning that may change the living arrangements for the better. :pray: :manifest:


  1. I couldn't replace a battery cable with all the "How To" books in the world.

    You go, girl!

  2. I hope the news pans out in the best possible way. You are more than ready for a break, and I hope it comes soon.

    Keep thinking about that apartment and imagining how it would be to live there. It can't hurt and it will probably help to bring it about sooner.

  3. sounds like a good holiday to me!

    crossing my fingers for whatever the news is!

  4. Oh! You news dangler you!

    It sounds like a wonderful holiday, don't be blue.

    We can't wait to hear about the amazing new living arrangements that are coming your way!

  5. I can barely put gas in my surely would NOT want me messing around under the hood. YIKES. I am envious of your talents!

    I am sending you money vibes so you can afford that new apt.

  6. You've got all the good thoughts I can spare.

  7. Positive thoughts are sent! How I would have LOVED to have not one but 2 spas by the pool in my apartment!!

    One day, Mellie. *hug*

  8. jay: you so rock! I hope you are enjoying your singledom! :hug:

    Legs: Thank YOU. I need all the vibes I can get right now. Its a "someday" feeling on that place. It sure is posh. and for the price? Hard to let go of.

    talk to you soon. :hug:

  9. earl: come on! what kind of man are you? :giggle:

    Bro: nice smile.

    hearts: I have a lead on another apt. that is the same size only cheaper. My only hesitation with it is: no washer dryer. RATS. All is happening for a reason.

    becca: any good vibe is completely welcome.

    cindy: I haven't found out about the other place yet. Today! :fingers crossed: