There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, November 30

It Rained

Its cold.
I'm lonely.
And cold.
It rained last night.

And I have to write a self evaluation today. If I could write it on how far I have come as a person, not related to my job, it would be much easier. Instead, I have to "evaluate" a position that I took over from someone that was in this job for 8 years. Navigating my way through a system that has NO guidelines (or rules written out), other than "you did that wrong" responses. Its not going to be a pleasant day but I am sure going to think glowing thoughts about my accomplishments here while I compose my bosses review of me.

Update. My son is still trying to play the "make mommy mad" game. I have succeeded. Until the head butts come. YIKES. I think he has a head made of concrete. He will be good at sports. :wink:

edit: Don't you LOVE pita chips and hummus? I am just saying ;-)


  1. he's succeeded or you have?? i'm confused.

    oooh! self eval. so fun. not! but i'm sure you'll tear it up!! (i mean that as doing a great job of it)

  2. Get that boy to a soccer field. Or better yet, an ice rink.

  3. becca: I have succeeded. he is still all about making me mad. I am working on "not responding" dramatically.

    tard: Yea. or rugby! who knows... wrestling? he has a great arm. I was thinking baseball.

  4. I love hummus with or without pita chips.

    But scooping it up with your fingers can be messy and socially wrong.

  5. earl: and yet having a woman lick it off your finger, that could be sexy... right?

  6. mmmmmmm. hummus.
    boooooo evaluations.
    too bad you couldn't demand you back from management. sometimes i think they need it the most.