There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, November 13

Random Selections

I am so tired. I watched Nightline last night titled "The Forgotten War" about the upcoming article in Vanity Fair regarding Afghanistan and then couldn't sleep. So... now I am having random thoughts...

• Have I mentioned that I am back on my weight watchers? I did a post about my revelation regarding food. A divine moment for me. I have felt a shift in the tides. I am going to choose better, dammit if it takes me the REST OF MY LIFE!!!!

• There is someone in my apartment complex that either washes their hair 3-4 times a day or is doing something completely different with the Highest pitched hair dryer I have ever heard in my LIFE!!!! ARGGG. I swear that dogs are howling from 10 miles away.

• My apartment looks like a storage unit exploded in there. I have too much crap. Does anyone want some crap? its good crap, but still. How many freaking spatulas do you really need? Or Tupperware for that matter? :sheesh: That being said, in one room, I have 6 chairs, a couch, two desks, and entertainment center, a toy rack, a shoe rack, 3 tables, and TOYSSSSS... sighs. i am losing it.

• The battery cables on my car are past the point of tightening. So... 80% of the time when I go to start up my car? I have to pull the hood latch and operate on the battery. Oh joy.

• Thank GOD i have Lexapro. And a family counselor. And a kid that reminds me to laugh most of the time.

• My hair is looking exceptionally fabulous today!

• My son is gorgeous... have you seen him? I talked to a psychic the other day, she says, my he is a flirt isn't he? I had to laugh and tell her he is only 4. I fear the days to come when I have to answer phone calls from the poor girls he is bound to unintentionally (i hope) mislead.

• So do you think that the war in Afghanistan is working? Do you believe we are getting anywhere there? My thoughts are, if it keeps them on their toes, maybe it will keep them from plotting more attacks on foreign soil, like the US. I was surprised to see how defensive the elders were. I must read more about this to get a better understanding. Fuck Iraq. thats a given. But this Afghanistan thing is scaring me.

• Did anyone else see the Iconoclasts special with Mike Meyers and Deepak Chopra? It is a MUST see. Love them both. Deepak is amazing as is Mike Meyers. Its a comparison of enlightenment and humor. Excellent quote from Deepak, "I think humor is humanities device to escape suffering." That is my philosophy as well, hence the tag line on my profile.

• Has anyone seen the Bee Movie? I am jonesing to hear some Jerry voice. Give me the skinny.

• I am going to be Kid FREE this Saturday! I really want to finish working on my apartment but need some big strong arms to help me move stuff... I will make a superb dinner if you can offer assistance. Give me a menu, and I will comply.

• I put my phone on vibrate, and stick it in my pocket so that when someone calls me or text messages me, i get that extra umph to the message. Hey, I pay for it!! Got to take advantage of the perks. :giggles:

• I have started putting only creamer in my coffee no sugar. And I am beginning to like it that way much better.

• What is the Christmas wish list, huh? I have two things. More room for my son and his toys. And a telephoto lens. oh, and our troops out of Iraq, and Afghanistan.

• Is it Friday yet? I need an extra day off. I think I am going to take off Friday. :sweet:

I think that is MORE than enough. Happy Tuesday all. enjoy the freak show!


  1. i LIKE hearing you like this. you sound great!

  2. I am feeling pretty great too! A major shift in my life, leaving no room for any serious complaints.

    thanks. :hug:

  3. WOW!

    That's a lot on your mind! The only thing on my mind at this time is whether to buy the Original or Sour Cream and Onion Pringles.


  4. WOW!

    That's a lot on your mind! The only thing on my mind at this time is whether to buy the Original or Sour Cream and Onion Pringles.


  5. Hey Bro, thats all thats fit to print. You should see the seedy side of town. :wink wink, nudge nudge:

    oh, and Salt and Vinegar BABY!


  6. No! I am not ready for it to be Friday. I have a big certification exam on Saturday and I need more time to study!

  7. ok Cindy. good luck with that! :hug:

  8. Mel, are you a Libra? Causing you're sounding a lot like me lately and my horoscopes have been highly accurate and indicating that I'm moving in a positive direction. :) I'm applying to jobs like crazy-waiting to hear back from a couple. I've sent in my headshot and resume for 4 films. I've getting rid of negative influences in my life-two weeks cut free and I think soon Brit boy maybe gone for good. And I've been writing like crazy! Yay! Glad you seem upbeat! Hugs!

  9. My favorite older cousin is in Afghanistan with his National Guard troop (hes a high ranking officer) I worry about him every day I do not get an email...if you pray, please pray for my cousin John. He is a wonderful man.