There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Tuesday, December 4


Thank the holy universal energies that lead me to the place where I am standing today. Can I get a namaste from the crowd!?

I have a great job. Well, I work for a pretty good company. It has its problems for lots of reasons I WONT go into, but there are a lot of benefits too. One of them being is the allotment for education. My boss agreed to pay for us to learn Dreamweaver. We need a website built for one of our divisions. I looked and looked for a classroom setting, but none that I could take at night, or during the day. What I did find was another COOL website allowing me access to video tutorials 24-7.

For all my graphic buddies? The Online Training Library® is a worthwhile investment. A plethora of video tutorials for any freaking graphic program under the sun at a reasonable price. I am just lucky enough that my company paid for it. I have made it through Photoshop CS2 basics, and Photoshop CS2 for digital SLR. Now I am working on Dreamweaver 8 Basics. I have three more classes I would like to skate through by Feb 2008. Photoshop for Web, and 2 Advanced Dreamweaver classes. This may not be the way everyone likes to get their education. Some people need "materials" they can hold. (I am starting to live my life in the "less is more" style.) In my vision of the future, its definitely going to be built into the budget as a yearly expense of my forthcoming company. I think the amount of information and the accessibility is an invaluable tool to any designer.

That being said, look for an upgraded site for the ole' memsahib in 2008. Time to get SERIOUS about developing a site for my future endeavors.

I hope you all can get some use out of these links. I am always looking to learn something new. They do have some photo tutorials on there as well.

Edumacate yourself. ;-)


  1. Hey Melanie, juast thought I'd drop by and say hi. Thanks for the comments over at my place by the way....had a few technical hitches but up and running again now. Had no idea you're such a whizz kid with graphics desighn)))...any ideas for my blog very very welcome!..thanks again.

  2. hey andy tilly! I was missing your biting wit. REALLY! thanks for dropping into drollsville for a look-see. I am not a wiz. I am more the jackofall trades, master of none. I think the key for you? Keep writing!


  3. Dreamweaver rocked back in '00 and '01 when I first learned to use it while attending OSU. I bet it has come a LONG ways since then.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you learned :)

  4. Oh yay! Technical training = necessary evil