There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts broken by love,
but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream - whatever that dream might be.
Pearl S. Buck

Friday, January 25

The Great Interview ala Citizen Neil

Sighs. This is an entry that started with my fav LA Citizen Neil. He started it. Blame him. I commented right after cookiebitch (She is a meaty read, you should check her blog), so she was bestowed the honor of perusing my stamp on the net, and coming up with some questions that will in turn be flavored with my obvious surrealistic, idealistic, un-homogonistic responses.
Onto to the revelation!!!

1. Your nickname is Memsahib. How did you get that and what does it mean?

I used to be a constant on my all time fav radio station, They have a section of forums, journals, all kinds of great music info links, etc. (And some of the finest people I have ever met) One day after a particular "RP Get Together", I mentioned in a forum that I never had a nickname. A fine lady set up a journal taking a poll of what that nick should be. (That was an interesting list!) My Photo Guru Indian friend come up with Memsahib. Mem being my initials, and my Tag on the site,and he added the sahib (memsahib - noun 1. formerly, a term of respect a female white European in colonial India) I resemble that remark. I found out there is a movie i must obtain a copy!

2. You have four blogs - the one I spent the most time is "Not Just Nouns and Verbs." But it also seems you have a blog for your son, a blog for your photography, and a blog for your dreams (which you should link to here when you post this on your site) How did all these blogs come about, in what order, and how do you keep them all straight? Are there other blogs you'd like to begin, and what would they be like?

When I was in College they called me two names; Space Fox and Spaz... I guess only the Spaz stuck. I blame ADD and lack of decent medication. Plus the fact my brain doesn't stop really. MY mind works in shifts. Most times parallel shifts. All thoughts on different tracks and levels,but in the same dimension. Like those multi level checker games... you can you see it? Feel my pain? So i find that instead of keeping a journal, i can get that schmeg out of my head more rapidly online, on different boards.

ANYWAY. I started blogging for the first time when pregnant. The original was very poetic and rich. I was at a low spot then. That blog has actually become my photo blog. I wanted to keep it alive, as there is some good writing over there. I decided to start a fresh one after I moved from TX to CA (obvious reasons) which has become Not Just Nouns & Verbs. The title is descriptive of my style. Always more to know than what is written. Lots of in between the lines. The blog about my son, well, thats obvious! I don't have a lot of time to do writing in a "baby book".

The Wordpress blog, memsahib visions, is where I can say things I wouldn't say here. More hardcore FU kind of land. I sometimes find the need to just get stuff out, that may not be relevant to reality, and I do like to have a little spot i can speak in whispers or shouts. without much fan base.

3. What have you always wanted to blog about, but haven't - either because you're too afraid, it's too controversial, or you just don't know how to do it justice or put it into words?

I really don't hold much back. I have spent many years in recovery and therapy trying to alleviate my self esteem issues. If you ask me I will tell you. I think maybe a more relevant question would be where would I like to see all these come together and what can I accomplish here? Thats the step I am at and contemplating.

4. You write as yourself. But how does your blog (or blogs) differ from you as a person? Is there something people would be surprised to know about you after reading your blogs?

as I said above, there isn't much I hide. I found out one day while staring at myself in the mirror, hiding doesn't suit me. What I need to work on is boundaries! things you may not suspect of me...

a) I lettered my senior year in swimming, the freestyle relay. We had some fast gals in my school.
b) I always wanted to be a DJ. but realized the money would suck. and I didn't like the culture of music at the time.
c) When I was a little girl, my grade school took us to the police station for a day trip. When one of the officers were talking about guns, and gun safety, He showed us what a magnum bullet does to a phone book. A small entry in front and explodes out the back, like a cone. At that very moment, I had to run out of the building and I puked on the front lawn. Ever since then the sound of guns, or gunshots makes me physically ill.
d) I believe in reincarnation.

5. You have a rather lengthy blogroll (which includes me, by the way - thanks!). But if you are having a really busy day, which two blogs can you not live without, and why? What kind of blogs don't you like?

Love the FADDAH. But i go there to read his poetry. Love Post Secrets.

Most others I drift around through.. off and on, i visit them all in a weeks time. Neil ain't too shabby either. (shout out for the citizen)

6. You are into art and photography. How does blogging fit into your artistic endeavors? What artistic itch does blogging scratch?

The way i see things in life isn't really different from other people, but do like putting things together the way someone else may not see it. Through out my life, i have had people say to me you know how to use a unique word in a phrase that makes me stop and think. So i guess its just an ability to blend words and create images. And I am a freakin chatty cathy in real. so... there it is. blah blah blah.

7. What post you are most proud of and why? Show me a link.

I wrote some damn fine poetry. But that muse is history. This piece about companions, well thats my heart right there.

8. What makes your blog (blogs?) unique from others?
not much. except that its mine. and that no one else has put up a pic of themselves doing a kartwheel. Or daydreamed about a guy at the TACO joint.

9. If you were to cast yourself in a movie, who would you choose?

good question! i may have to think about that for a while.

DIANE LANE! from streets of fire. (was going to say Haley berry, but can't for obvious reasons.) I also think I am a bit Stockard Channing too. I would LOVE to be Nicole Kidman, except for all that Christian scientist crap.

10. Who do you admire most, and why?

People that are wise, honest, real, trustworthy, generous, intelligent and honorable. I don't have much use for idols. I prefer the everyman and the daily struggles we all overcome. The everyday heroes. If I had to choose someone whose life I would like to have for a day? Oprah. I want to be able to interview people and have TUNZ of money and influence to do good.

wow. did you make it this far without falling into a coma? YOU friend deserve a scooby snack. thanks to cookie for coming up with some great questions.


  1. Ah, great interview!

    I still have to do mine. And someone still has to interview me.

  2. Very well done! I enjoyed reading it.

  3. "Like those multi level checker games..."

    Like in Harry Potter?! Cool.

    Neat idea - this post. I liked this.

  4. Top interview. Streets of Fire! Flashback to my 12y.o self...